2017 | a year in review.

I always feel a bit mournful when a year draws to a close. All the could of, should of, would of feelings start to emerge and I begin to question, what the f*ck have I done with myself in the last 12 months? The last few years have certainly been turbulent and moving into another year reminds me of all the things have happened and all the things that are still to come. So I want to reflect a little bit.

One of the reasons I keep my blog is to have an online diary to look back on when I’m older, to remember all the laughs and tears from years gone by. I often feel as life moves so quickly that we forget to ponder what has passed but then I also feel like I spend too much time pondering the past.

Funny nicknames and laughing about all that has gone is the tonic and I want remember 2017 in just the same way: with lots of anecdotes, giggles and happy tears. So really, this post is for me. I want to be able to reread this and smile at all the thinks that did and didn’t happen in 2017. It’s just a bumper Little Things to be honest. And I’ve included a tonne of pics of me as these are some of my favourite style pieces of 2017 so enjoy pals.

January | The second semester of university started in Glasgow so I moved back to Partick and spent more nights than I would like to count with wine and my friends. I dipped my toe into blogging outside of myself with a visit to New Lanark and continued with my studies.

I’m not going to lie, January was pretty boring. I always struggle with the darker months of the year! I continued my part-time job of working in the university fundraising department which helped to prop up my ASOS and Diet Coke addictions.

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February | My birthday month! I turned 19 with friends and ate po’ boys, macaroni cheese and ginger beer cocktails in Bar Gumbo. My family came up to Glasgow for the day just before my birthday where my sister found a gorgeous prom dress and we had a great day together which involved eating and shopping – my two favourite things! February also means deadline month so I spent a lot of time writing essays and reading boring, pointless books.

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March | We found a flat for third year which was a big relief off our shoulders. It is in the perfect area for our lives: university, friends and the city centre. Kris Munro hosted a blogger foodie meet up at Chaakoo Bombay Cafe which was lots of fun as I got to catch up with Elanor and try out the food there for the first time.

Apart from that, March was pretty much just the winding down on the semester, final submissions and starting to look into revision for exams in the next couple of months.

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April | I spent three lovely weeks at home in the Scottish Borders due to easter break which was also spent with revision for upcoming exams. My sister and I took a trip to London for the day so I could get a VISA which was a whirlwind visit.

We did some sightseeing, shopping and eating and all it did was make me want to spend more time in the Big Smoke. I would love the chance to live there some day. I saw Beauty and the Beast twice in April as well, it one of my favourite Disney movies and I love the music.

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May | Exams came and went which was both horrific and exciting as summer is here! I got the chance to visit Singl-end, the acclaimed Glasgow eatery which I’m itching to head back to, with Kirsten and have a catch up. We said goodbye to the flat in Partick with a meal at Bibi’s Cantina, a gorgeous Mexican literally next door, and I don’t know why we waited so long to visit. The reality of third year and honours became real as meetings began to occur and shit, my life is moving really fast.

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June | June was a weird month. I had a tarot reading with Liz at the beginning and that opened my eyes to the world of tarot which I’m still slowly exploring thanks to my wonderful friend buying me a set of cards for Christmas. I find it all very interesting and it is definitely something I want to delve further into in 2018. I also dropped out of Camp America in June for various reasons.

Throwing away such an amazing opportunity might be hard to stomach for some readers but for me, it was completely the right decision. I like to think of June as the beginning of my ‘summer epiphany’ where I realised what was important to me, what I wanted and who I was.

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July | I began my summer job in July where I met Erin and Shelby at the lab. It’s mad as it feels like I’ve known them forever and I am so excited for Shelby’s wedding next year. I still see them regularly now, catching up when I’m at home and they’ve been up to Glasgow visit. We are hopefully going to get another visit to Glasgow organised for early 2018 as the last one was so much fun.

I also had one night out during the summer – which also coincided with the day I like to refer fondly as my ‘summer breakdown’. July was similar to June in the sense that I cut a lot of ties, refreshed my outlook on life and focussed on the people who truly matter to me.

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August | My dad had a huge heart operation early in August which was a terrifying time for us all but it was after years of pain so it felt like the end of a chapter for him and the beginning of a new, healthier one. The hospital was in Glasgow so we all visited over the week he was in but he was back out within a week because that is just the kind of guy my dad is.

I had a gorgeous day in Edinburgh with my friend soaking up the festival and a sneaky trip to Glasgow to see my pals. I also caught up with lots of my friends for dinner dates, lunch trips and general catch up shenanigans.

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September | September saw the start of a new academic year and I can’t believe I am now in my third year of university. Jesus only knows how I’m still clinging on. Despite falling out of love with my degree, I’m still very much in love with Glasgow.

I started attending a yoga studio in September and it was wonderful to be reunited with my friends, especially my wonderful flatmates who make my life a bit sunnier all the time. Whilst my contact teaching time has really scaled back, I’m still recovering from the uptake in coursework and September was just the beginning.

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October | Reading week occurred in October which meant catching up on all the work that had piled up in the six weeks since the semester began and furiously bashing out essay after essay. Jasmin from Jasmin Charlotte did a blog audit for me which I found really useful in shaping the direction of The Monday Project for the rest of 2017 and I still refer to it almost weekly now as I plan for the new year.

October also saw my least favourite holiday, Halloween, which I spent in Mango with my two best gals doing tequila shots and eating cheesy chips on the way home. I saw The Snowman at the cinema in October and had dinner at Wagamamas thanks to launch of their new vegan menu.  The Scottish Bloggers Collective also had a great first meeting Glasgow all about working with PRs and brands. I got to meet Charlotte, Lis and lots of other lovely Glasgow bloggers whilst learning about collaborations and sponsored relationships, all in the setting of the lovely Epoch restaurant. Since peaking my interest in tarot in June, I also had an online tarot reading from Kerry which was super interesting and inspiring.

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November | Erin and Shelby visited the first weekend in November which was a hilarious night that I still fondly remember. I still had mountains of coursework but I started a part-time job of sorts at an antiques centre in Edinburgh that I’ll be continuing in 2018. It is exhausting as I start my day 5.45 and don’t get home till after half 7 but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it in the long term and it is something different to do each week.

One of my blogging highlights of November was the Busy B Dated event in Edinburgh. I got the train through to Edinburgh with the lovely Elanor, met up with my blogger crush Charlotte and had a fabulous time at the event browsing stationery, learning more about Busy B and coming home with a wonderful goodie bag and beautiful diary for 2018. I also had a little trip to Biggar to stay at The Elphinstone Hotel with my friend Steph which was the perfect break from Glasgow life and university where we drank prosecco and gin and watched the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special.

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December | I started the first weekend of December in Edinburgh as I was there three days in a row and spent a fortune on train tickets. I had work on the Friday, had a wonderful festive day with Emma on the Saturday and had a family thing on the Sunday and I loved having the opportunity to spend time in one of my favourite cities. I had a couple of shifts at work in the first two weeks and drove back to Glasgow myself with dad for the first time to pick up more things. I’ll be doing this journey solo for the first time on NYE which is a terrifying thought – beware fellow road users.

My sister, mum and I went to a yoga taster session which was lots of fun but I don’t think I’ll be able to do yoga with Louise again as we just kept making each other laugh by accident. I tagged on to the lab Christmas do which was lots of fun as I got to catch up with everyone and I haven’t been to works night out in a couple of years. December brought about some sponsored content opportunities and I also managed to achieve my end of year goal of 1,000 followers on Instagram.

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This will be my last post of 2017 and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support. Every comment, view, like and click means the literal world to me and I’m so pleased many people seem to enjoy The Monday Project as much as I do. I’m so excited to see what 2018 will bring for this little blog of mine and I hope everyone has a wonderful new year.