2018 ~ my year of living stylishly.

You might be looking at these photos in this post and be like babe, you are not achieving this. And to you I reply, jog on. Fashion and styling has been one of my biggest passions for years. I would play dress up – from my dressing up box to my mother’s closet. To fashion shows after a shopping trip for my parents to sharing my style with my friends on shopping trips.

When I discovered blogging back in mid 2014 when I stumbled across the queen that is Hannah Gale, I found a whole new way to consume fashion. I didn’t need to flick through Vogue absentmindedly anymore, not caring about high end fashion so far out of my reach I couldn’t even see it. I could see personal style and fashion that I related to on my computer screen. And it was amazing.

I first started The Monday Project in this format in 2016 and from the start I always wanted to delve into fashion and style blogging. I talk about all the other passions in my life: books, beauty products, my penchant for an honest vomit of words and more recently, travels, Scotland and interiors. The one thing I’ve never really delved into is one of the things I’m most passionate about: fashion.

And the reason why is that I have appalling body confidence. Rock bottom most days. I hate getting my photograph taken, I live in fear of the double chin appearing and being caught at the wrong angle – which if you ask me is everything angle. I still rant about the three boys who called me fat in my early teens (fuck you all, just saying) which has had a detrimental effect on how I see myself, even six years later. I regularly say horrible things to myself that I would never say to others: I hate my face, I hate my stomach, I hate the way I look, I hate my arms, I hate my boobs.

Putting myself in front of the camera and being okay with posting the results out online is something I haven’t really come to terms with. But I want 2018 to be different. I’ve just turned twenty, The Monday Project is becoming something I am so proud of every single day and I want to get over this. I want to share my outfits online, I want to take Instagram snaps of what I’m wearing and I want to chat about I wear and why.

So I’m declaring 2018 is my year of living stylishly. I’m going to try and stop wearing my continuous stream of leggings with hoodies and my battered Nike trainers. I want to wear purple corduroy dungarees to university and order things from ASOS that I love the look of and not worry what people might think.

I want to order the funky sunglasses from Ebay and stack up on berets. I want to take the inspiration I love from Chloe Plumstead, Megan Ellaby and Lily Melrose. Hopefully this will be the start of something, these photos by the wonderful Claire White and I can document more of one of the biggest passions in my life – personal style.

Watch this space people ~ I’m going to press order on the ASOS items sitting in my basket, mix and match old pieces that I adore, wear the wacky bags and funky shoes. I personally really love what I wear so I want to share more of that with everyone online.

This year I’ve got trips planned to Ibiza, Amsterdam and Italy so I have a more varied background to style myself. I’m basing myself in Glasgow this summer – the city that feeds my soul creatively.

I’m excited. 2018 shall be my year of living stylishly, you heard it here first.


jumper, Tobi {gift} | trousers, Collectif | trainers, Stan Smiths | rucksack, Topshop | sunglasses, H&M

[photos by Claire]
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