3 essie shades for summer.

Okay so you got me, these are the only three Essie shades this gal owns. So perhaps this isn’t the most tried and tested post in the world and believe me, there are loads of gorgeous Essie shades I could devour and maybe you shouldn’t take this post as your only piece of research before dipping into your bank balance.

BUT I can assure you that a lot of time was spent in numerous Boots stores across Scotland and on the web to find the ones.

Y’know, the ones are colours you are genuinely excited about. The ones you can’t wait to paint your nails with and not those ones that sit at the back of a cupboard, bottom of a drawer or in a forgotten make-up bag. I was very excited (and still am!) about these three and I think they will be frequenting my nails for a v long time.

Tart Deco

This is the first shade I picked up in Prague Airport when trying to spend the rest of my Czech currency but I didn’t get it on my nails till early March. I think this one is pretty popular in the beauty world as I saw it on numerous blogs and Instagram accounts which is why I think knew what it was. This is the perfect summery orange shade which is a little bit more exciting than your average orange yet it won’t be mistaken for a red.

Mint Candy Apple

I tweeted about my excitement to use Mint Candy Apple when I was eagerly awaiting my Boots order and Essie responded to my oh-so-lame tweet hehe. Made it. Also I’ve started using hehe again like it’s 2013 up in here. This shade needs an extra coat (say 3) compared to the 1 or 2 required of Tart Deco. It is perfect for spring and summer: more exciting than white, a pastel shade yet not pink and it is super fresh.

Splash of Grenadine 

Purple isn’t a colour I usually gravitate towards or play around with but this shade kept catching my eye whenever I found myself wasting a minute or five in front of the Essie counter in Boots. Maybe it was the name, maybe it was the brightness of it but I definitely adore it.

This shade will compliment most summery outfits to a tee but also adds a harder edge: think less little miss sunshine and more cool chick summer yeh? This will also look divine in winter: a lil more punky than your average darker colours.