3 little changes i’ve made this summer.

Since coming back from the USA, I’ve been trying to make this summer the best for me and make some positive changes. It has been quite a big summer in the terms of coming to terms with things and getting my head together but I’m trying to make little changes to help me on my way and form a bigger picture.

Being wifi free has been surprisingly soothing, it has given me a real chance to breathe. Staying offline can be so so so healthy and I’ve really been seeing the benefits – I almost don’t want the wifi to come back! I’m typing this up in my local Sainsbury’s, abusing their free wifi in the cafe after buying a measly Diet Coke and whilst it alright for getting on with blogging, emails and uploading to Instagram, I can’t quite fire up Netflix!

These three little tips have really helped me along the way this summer and I really hope I continue with them when I head back to Glasgow in September – something I am both dreading and excited for!

sleeping with an eye mask + sleep spray.

Sleep is very important to me. I love sleeping. Going to bed on a night is the best feeling. Dropping off can be a bit of a struggle sometimes but since introducing these two bits into my sleep routine, it has made the world of difference. I’ve always associated lavender with sleeping since I was little as my mum used to put lavender oil on our pillows when we couldn’t sleep. I found this sleep spray on Boots as lots of people were recommending using one if you had trouble sleeping and I haven’t looked back.

Since flying home from the States on a Delta flight, they provided an eye mask to help you sleep on the overnight flight and I managed to sleep the whole six hours! I’ve been using it since I got back to Scotland and it is just dreamy how it creates darkness and makes it easy to fall asleep.

having breakfast.

Having breakfast in the morning if you are in a rush can seem like such a chore but it makes such a difference to having a good day and your general well being. As I’m trying to get myself feeling a bit better this summer, eating in the morning is really important to me.

I’m lucky that I don’t need to be in work till 9 and it only takes me 15/20 minutes to get there which gives me a little more time in the morning if I get up. At the moment I’m really into Special K cereal or just some toast and butter but if I have more time I’ll have toast, smoked salmon and an egg which just sets me up for a really good day.

going to the gym.

Body confidence and feeling good about myself is something I have always struggled with but I find going to the gym one of the most difficult things. I find it really overwhelming and it makes me very nervous. As Kelso has such a nice local gym which caters for everyone and the staff are very helpful and friendly, I’ve been pushing myself to go.

They have a training programme where they evaluate you and organise a training plan for you which I have been trying to do 1-2 times a week alongside attending 2 spinning classes a week. I really enjoy spinning as all of the people who go are very nice and I can feel myself working really hard. I’m hoping this is something I can keep up when I go back to university and not chicken out again as usual.