3 scottish craft drinks to add to your bar cart.

I love craft alcohol and it is something I’ve felt passionate about for such a long time, I just don’t know where to start with Scottish craft drinks. Ever since I worked in a restaurant in Kelso in my teens where the owners also owned a craft beer company I’ve been interested in this industry.

I love the creativity and passion that clearly drives those who start up their own craft distilleries and breweries. Craft gins and rums are not something I’m very familiar with and I really want to move my alcohol tastes past Tesco’s Zesty White Wine. Scotland has such a booming industry of craft alcohol and I want to get involved.

I was pretty blind to all the fabulous drinks being produced in Glasgow until an evening with Craft 56 and three of the companies they work with. I now constantly think about Cherry Bakewell gin.

ones to watch ~ boozy beverages you need to add to your bar cart.*

*I would add to mine if I had one. I do not. One day though.

The Garden Shed Drinks Co. | This cute little gin distillery began in the shed and is inspired by ingredients they can find in their garden.. One half of the team along with his wife who is also involved in the business chatted us through how The Garden Shed Drinks Co. came into being (quite the funny story!) and their Garden Shed Gin is beautifully refreshing and crisp if you prefer a dry London gin. Garnish your G&T with  blackberries for the perfect summer evening drink. The Garden Shed Drinks Co. also works closely with leading Scottish charities Trees 4 Scotland and The Bumblebee Conservation Trust so technically by drinking their gin, you are saving the planet.

Sugar House Rum | I’ll hold my hands up and say I am not a rum drinker. I think I drank too much cheap white rum in my teens and I spend most of my alcohol money now on cheap wine. However Sugar House Rum has me re-entering the rum world. Their Spiced Rum is freaking delicious with hints of coco, cinnamon, lime zest and vanilla coming through to provide their unique and delicious taste.

McLean’s Gin | It began by being distilled in a back bedroom on the south-side of Glasgow, McLean’s Gin has real heart and they’ve just moved to new premises which means yay more gin can be made! I got to sample three different gins from their collection including my bae Cherry Bakewell Gin. They make compound gins which is a little different to how you normally make gin but it provides the funky colours in McLean’s Gin. Out of the three, Cherry Bakewell stood out to me the most for its unique taste, fun colour and we mixed it with Cream Soda which made it the perfect sweet treat.

craft 56 – your ticket to craft drinks in scotland.

Admittedly I had not heard of Craft 56 before they got in touch with me but what they do is pretty great. There is a booming craft drinks industry in Scotland that is just not getting the recognition they deserve. Craft 56 stocks all three of the distillers I’ve just chatted about and so many more. They are a great way to discover Scottish craft drinks through their craft beer and craft gin discovery clubs – you can try out new styles and flavours which you might not have done otherwise!

I had a fabulous evening with Craft 56 (with some pretty delicious food from Soul Food Sisters) and I’m so glad I got to know more about Scotland’s craft drink industry – which is something we should definitely be proud of! Now I’m just trying to convince my mum that she does indeed like Cherry Bakewell gin therefore we need to buy all the bottles.

Just to disclose, this isn’t a sponsored post in any capacity! I was invited along with no obligation to share my experiences but I just wanted to chat about one of my fave things ~ alcohol.