3 Ways To Have An Awesome Autumnal Sunday

3 Ways To Have An Awesome Autumnal Sunday

Whilst summer is all well and good, it doesn’t really do it for me in Britain. Probably because Scotland’s weather can be quite dire so it feels like autumn for about 70% of the summer anyway. Autumn is pretty cool in the city although the weather in the last week has been shocking in Glasgow but on the Sunday (what a coincidence) that I’m writing this, it is the most beautiful, fresh, sunny, bright autumnal day.

October has rolled in (whoop whoop) and now that I’m back at university and don’t have to work every weekend in the cafe, I have the weekends to myself again. Although I am about to start a new job, I am under the impression I only have to work one day at the weekend which stills means I have the other one free for ferrying around Glasgow. Autumn means a few very key things: leaves, roll necks and pumpkin spice lattes aka my life.

If you are stuck on how to spend your autumnal Sunday then here is three ways to get the most out of this beautiful time of year.

1. Super Chill Day

If the weather is a bit rubbish, then you don’t really want to venture outside then have the lushest day ever inside. When I spend the day in the flat, I like to wrap up in a blanket on the sofa or curl up in my bed. Or go a step further and build a den. I’m definitely going to build a den later. Then you need snacks: nachos are a shout or pesto pasta (aka my girl) or if you are just feeling like you want to treat yourself, a nutella and banana toastie does the trick. Put your comfiest clothes on, snuggle in and start snacking to an awesome TV show or a movie.

I recently watched The Other Woman which was hilarious (I chuckled away to it) or binge watch a TV show, I recommend Stranger Things or if you are wanting an old classic, Friends. We have the box set and are trawling from season five aka the best the season in my opinion.

2. Do Something Different

Obviously this helps if you live in an area where this a lot going on all the time or you have access to transport to get you places. Glasgow is brilliant for cool and random things being on at the weekend so if you live in a city you probably have your choice of pickings. Arm yourself with a coffee (PSL preferably) and head on out to explore. Emma and I recently spent our day at a vintage clothing and accessories fair which was really nice (I bought a funky velvet top for £18) and it was something different for a change.

Whilst I will always love plodding up and down Glasgow’s Style Mile, it’s nice to shop somewhere different. I still haven’t really ventured into any of Glasgow’s museums or art galleries or scenic parks. Other events going on in Glasgow I have my eye on include the toastie festival. Like helloooo a whole festival about a toasted sandwich?

3. Food And Friends

If you don’t want to do something crazy cool and different and if you don’t want have a sofa day, maybe combine two of your favourite things in life? That’s me speaking from experience there, food and friends are two of my favourite things in life. All get together and go out for dinner somewhere swanky or head to a pub for pub grub or a Sunday roast somewhere cosy. Or if you are feeling skint or adventurous then maybe do your own roast? This is a big thing in my group of friends at university as luckily there are a few good cooks (I am not one of those) so we either like to do a good classical roast dinner on a Sunday or if not a roast, a good homely meal.

When it’s my turn I’m probably going to do chilli as I’m not very good at cooking so I don’t want to waste my time, money and resources on a roast to only lose my friends because it’s so awful and I am also determined to perfect my chilli recipe. You know how when you get to a certain age, you just have that one go to meal that everyone raves about. Like “wow have you tried Kirsty’s chilli soooo good” and it’s what people request when they come to your house? Yes? No? That’s what I want, chilli to be mine.

I hope this helps if anyone is feeling a bit SAD about autumn creeping in as it is an awesome time of year. And did I mention pumpkin spice lattes?

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