4 current beauty faves.

My skin has probably never been so bad as it at the moment and I think it is as a result of consuming large amounts of chocolate with the more than occasional tipple of alcohol. YAY TO SPOTS AND FEELING FAT.

The aforementioned combination may feel like the right one at the time but I can confirm that due to my current state: feeling very fat, very tired, drained from lack of good food and having a face that looks like a moon due to all the craters on it, it’s not all it should crack up to be.

I’ve been feeling pretty lost in the blogging world at the moment (as well as just lost in life in general which is annoying but I’ll write a full post on those details later) and I’ve decided to just roll back to basics for a little while and talk about all my favourite things. Which include these chaps. SO here’s a little helping hand to all you fellow sufferers of not great skin at the moment. We’ll get through this together.


I used to have Witch stick way back in like 2011 – did anyone else have one of those bad boys? I kind of want to go to Boots and find one now if I’m honest. Witch is a good, honest brand and I am a big fan of them.

I was in Superdrug looking for tweezers and ended up coming out with loads and this chap was one of those sitting snuggly in my basket. I’ve previously used micellar water by Garnier and Nivea and both were great but I just never got around to repurchasing because I am lazy af.

I saw this sitting on the shelf and thought HM WHY NOT. So far so good, it’s a really nice refreshing feeling on your face and doesn’t feel to OTT and heavy which is what I like. Hopefully, once my diet cleans up, this guy will be able to do even more.


This was a feature of my Boots haul I mentioned a few posts ago and it is my favourite of the bunch. Previously, my foundation of choice had been Rimmel Wake Me Up in … but since coming back to Glasgow and my trip to Spain, it just looks a bit too orange for my liking. I felt a bit daft wearing it and I wasn’t as happy with the coverage it gave me anymore, it felt too cakey.

I trawled foundations on the Boots website (buying online when you are trying to match it your skin tone is not the one) as I was too lazy to drag my behind to a shop and actually buy one in person. I decided to treat myself to No7 because I’ve not been very impressed with my previous foundations from Rimmel and L’Oreal. I do not regret this decision.

Firstly, kudos to me for absolutely nailing the match with my skin tone (I have the shade Cool Ivory). I have absolutely nailed it. This foundation is so light and feels comfortable on my skin. It provides complete and flawless coverage and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a full face of foundation.

I’m so glad I put this in my basket because it is going to be a staple for me in the Christmas season.


I cannot give NYX enough credit for its lipsticks. Firstly, I bought Turnt Up in Flutter Kiss in a cheeky lil Boots haul (read full post here) but then I sadly lost that little babe in Viper. Apparently, that is where all my lipsticks go to die. I need to stop taking them there.

It was a wonderful lipstick, such a good shade and formula and I was so intent on replacing it. Unfortunately when I went into Boots in Buchanan Galleries, they didn’t have the Turnt Up collection which broke my heart and I couldn’t be bothered to do another online order, especially when I’m not needing anything else, so I instead bought this one.

This is NYX Full Throttle in Sidekick which I think I maybe like a little more than Flutter Kiss. Flutter Kiss is nice and one day I definitely will repurchase it but I like how Sidekick is pinkier and less nude compared to Flutter Kiss.

NYX lipsticks are GREAT, I’ve been so pleased with the two I’ve bought so far and I definitely plan on purchasing a few more.


During a little make-up haul (I’ve had a lot of those recently) and when my skin was being particularly pesky, I decided to buy a spot gel.

I’ve had these in the past and I wouldn’t rave about them being the best thing for your skin ever as they don’t work miracles. I do find though that they take the redness out of a spot and make it look a little bit less alarming.

This one is one of the better ones I’ve tried and no it won’t suddenly make you look like Kendall Jenner but it isn’t expensive and does do a little bit to help redness and helps your spot on the way to recovery.