4 peaceful bedroom tips.

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. I guess I never got out of my moody teenager phase where I sulked in my room for hours on end. Living in flatmates in an apartment with no living room means that my room is my only place to chill out whilst at home I prefer the muted tones of my bedroom to relax as I can be alone.

Having a peaceful bedroom is really important to me due to the amount of time I spend in there. I get stressed out and overwhelmed super easily so having a place to be by myself and feel content is literally what I need. Yorkshire Linen challenged me to think about what a ‘peaceful’ bedroom means to me and share a few tips in case you feel like you’re lacking in the peaceful department.


Lazing in my bed writing a blog post whilst watching something on Netflix is my dream scenario. Comfortable and cosy bed linen is therefore absolutely necessary. For my room in the flat I often opt for Primark as they are super affordable and surprisingly long-lasting and soft. I like to have white or chequered linen as it matches the interior style I like to project in my room but I always admire the colourful and quirky patterns in Urban Outfitters.


I benefit from a lovely wide window in my room at my parent’s house. It is a beautifully positioned window that looks out over their garden and into the spinney. I love having a light bright space (preferably natural light) but for when it falls dark girl has got to have all the lighting options to add to the peaceful atmosphere.

I have a gorgeous vintage style floor lamp from Aldi (similar here from Wayfair as Aldi one is unavailable) next to the bed to light one corner and a glass pineapple lamp from Next in the other to even it out. I hate having the big light on as it just fills the room too much and takes away any cosy cabin vibes. Other little ways to work with light in your room is candles and quirky neon lights like the adorable cacti one I have that you can see in this post.

curtains for a calm atmosphere.

My bedroom is my place of sleep, my ‘office’ and the place I come to relax and be peaceful. Controlling the atmosphere is important so I can have the room feeling like what I need it to. Curtains are a great way to switch up your room easily and control the natural light.

{above images both from Yorkshire Linen}

There are plenty to choose from and you can select eyelet curtains for your home at Yorkshire Linen’s store online. You can pick a colour that works well with your existing colour palette so they aren’t only practical but also blend in with your existing interiors seamlessly. I like curtains that can be easily tied back to let in natural light and don’t stand out against everything already in your room.

I tend to style up curtain areas with a few plants and cushions to keep the area super calm and relaxing. I’d love to one day have a cute armchair next to a window as they always look cute in front of curtains. Light, as I’ve said above, is an easy way to do this and adding the right furnishings will help to. I tend to gravitate towards a mix of period pieces and modern combined with literature, prints and greenery.

creature comforts.

Having little creature comforts in my peaceful space are what makes it peaceful. I like to have the ‘Nature Sounds’ playlist on Spotify playing softly out of my laptop next to an open book (currently reading The Power by Naomi Alderman) with a cup of something hot and a blanket. I like plants, candles, incense, pictures, fairy lights, inspiring prints and lots and lots and lots of books scattered around me. All of these things make my bedroom feel at ease and peaceful.

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