4 poolside reads to pack in your suitcase.

My favourite thing about holidays is having the excuse to do absolutely bloody nothing. I do that most of the time anyway but then end up feeling guilty for y’know, not getting on with my life. Ibiza provided to the perfect excuse to forget about everything for a few days and completely relax. I’m into that.

I never read much during the semesters as I’m usually bogged down in academic texts for my modules or watching Netflix on a procrastination binge. I’m an avid reader and can easily finish a book in a few hours so I made sure I packed ample for my time in the sun.

Paperbacks will always be my favourite and it is one of my life goals to have a ‘library-esq’ room in the future but I do appreciate the merits of Kindle. I’ve had a Kindle Fire for a few years now and regularly forget about the books I have on there as I’m always letting it run out of charge but jeez, it is handy for holidays. Hardly any space taken up in your precious luggage space with books!

The latter two on my list were both Kindle books and I got them for a good deal cheaper than if I bought them as hard copies. I’m now checking on the Kindle store before I buy a book now as a) cheaper b) I’m running out of space for books in my room c) can read them instantly and d) my Kindle is linked to my mum’s Amazon account so shh, don’t tell her.

eleanor oliphant is completely fine by gail honeyman.

Every book club that graces my Instagram feed was reading Eleanor Oliphant. My lovely flatmate gave me a copy for my birthday and I saved it specially for my holiday to Ibiza. I completely fell in love with the story and I’m sure most people will. It is beautifully written and is such a poignant and honest storyline.

It made me cry at Eleanor’s loneliness and solitude but it made me smile at the simplicity of kind gestures and small changes. It is a simple and raw plot that will completely swallow you up and it allows you to observe from the side lines of someone’s tortured life. It isn’t simple, it isn’t showy, it is just painstakingly normal.

Eleanor isn’t your typical heroine but a heroine is what she is. It is a breath of fresh air and I adored the setting in Glasgow. It felt as if you were reading about your neighbour or the person who sits across from you at work who you don’t really know. Prepare to be indulged.

how to stop time by matt haig.

If Eleanor Olliphant is your emotional rollercoaster, How To Stop Time is a little more simple. I’m a big fan of Matt Haig as a mental health advocate and he is one of my favourite people to follow on Twitter. I really enjoyed his book Reasons To Stay Alive but How To Stop Time didn’t blow me away as such.

It is an interesting story and I love anything that plays with time. It was easy to read, peaceful almost and it let me escape for a little while. My main gripe with the book was how boring and mundane the main character is. I found Tom Hazard to just be a bit annoying but this is just my personal feelings toward it so I’m sure not everyone will feel the same.

becoming by laura jane williams.

I’m almost obsessed with Laura and I adore practically everything she does. I had had her debut book on my Kindle for ages but I had never got around to reading it. Does this happen to anyone else with Kindle books?

This book really made me feel something. Even though I’ve never gone through heartbreak like Laura, it made me notice things about myself and what I can do to change. I would really recommend this to anyone who is feeling out of sorts and wants to do some serious thinking.

It had a real Eat, Pray, Love sense to it but in a more realistic sense. I loved following Laura through her adventures in Detroit, Paris and mostly Italy as I felt I was reading about the world in a difference way. I loved all the interactions with different people and raw honesty of her writing.

It just really made me think and I love books that do that.

you by caroline kepnes.

To stay true to my reading tastes I had to pack a thriller in my suitcase. I’d never heard of You by Caroline Kepnes but Charlotte’s mini review in her reading round up had me convinced. It is such a different perspective to a usual thrill seeking book and honestly made me a little uneasy at times.

It is told from the point of view of Joe, who becomes obsessed with a woman named Beck when he serves her in his bookshop. It is such a breath of fresh air in the world of thriller fiction and it definitely gave a different perspective to a stalking storyline. I loved how it wasn’t a simple as it first seems and how there are multiple plotlines running through it. Definitely one that will have you on the edge of your seat!