4 things i am aiming to do this academic year.

Crikey, I really can’t believe that I’m back in Glasgow for another academic year. I am starting third year, junior honours, I’m more than half way through my degree. I can’t quite believe it to be honest. It is blinkin’ exciting and terrifying all at the same time. One of the good things about university aside from the ginormous three month break over the summer (seriously, how I am going to cope when this isn’t a thing for me anymore?) is having the chance to start afresh when heading back.

I have started my third year of my university degree. I started junior honours, grades actually count now, I chose these courses because they interested me, my degree just got hella relevant. Well, I mean it has always been relevant but everything feels very amped up right now and I just want to curl up in bed and watch Suits on my iPad.

I’m a sucker for a list of goals or resolutions and this term is no different. I can’t believe I now only have two years left of university and I’m a bit on the fence about that. I want this year to be the best it can be, to take every opportunity thrown my way, to try my best at everything I try my hand at – basically, I don’t want it to suck because I only have two years left! It seemed only right then to write up a list of four things I want to achieve this academic year and immortalise them on this blog, nothing like a bit of pressure!

be time efficient.

Ah seminars. A few weeks ago I had a dream that I turned up to my first Classics seminar without doing any of the work, didn’t have the right things with me and in a class filled with Oxford grads in Classics. Frankly, it was terrifying. I always do the work for my seminars but sometimes I do said work at 12.30am on the day of the seminar. One of the big things I’m trying to do this semester is not stress myself out unnecessarily because I then just burn out. I’m going to make the best use of my time during the day and spend spare hours in the library in order to get work done in good time. I’m going to do all the readings, write notes that I will actually understand and just be prepared. And I want this to apply to everything, not just coursework.

eat well.

My diet makes a huge difference to how I’m feeling. I’m sure it does for a lot of people but I only really noticed it over the summer. Eating well makes me feel good, it makes me feel like I’m in control, that I’m making a difference for myself. I’ve stocked up on a really good food shop with lots of yummy bits and armed with my cookbooks (including my new veggie one!), I’m ready to roll. I also want to be meal plan savvy and make the best use of my ingredients so I cut down on waste. Every Sunday I’m going to get organised for the week ahead, do a food shop, jot down some meal ides.

keep blogging.

Considering I am quite inept at being sociable and interacting with people I don’t know, this semester I’m really going to push myself to try and interact with the Glasgow blogging scene. I’m going to go every event I have the opportunity to, chat to people on twitter, support other Glasgow bloggers – I can do this! I also want to keep producing my three blog posts a week which will get trickier as the evenings get darker as taking photos becomes a right bother! I’ve really enjoyed blogging all summer and I’ve got lots of blog posts ideas so with the motivation my sassy new Pipdig design, I can do this!

live in the now, but think about the future.

I’m trying not to stress myself about the future and start freaking out about employment, where I’ll live, what my life will look like etc and instead just live now. I’m trying to cut down on unnecessary worrying, to embrace things as they come my way and focus on the things that are happening now. But this doesn’t mean I want to be going in blind all the time, I can keep thinking about how I want my future to look, the career I think I want, working on my blog, working on my studies, being organised. This section is a bit rambly but I can’t think how else to word it: I want to live in the now and be focused on that but I also want to think about the future and do positive things now that will impact that. Does that make sense? I hope so!