4 tv shows for winter.

TV TV TV aka my life. At the beginning of the semester, I wasn’t really digging Netflix all that much, none of the TV shows really appealed to me. But in the last month, Netflix has come back to me. Even though I have a million other things to be doing at the moment. I can’t stop watching Netflix.

Coupled with the fact I really like my bed in the morning and I’m trying to do things on campus (like write for the student newspaper), my shit really hasn’t gotten itself together yet.

Netflix, as always, is coming to my assistance late at night. And a good old fashioned box set hasn’t let anyone down ever has it?

As I type this Tori and I are sitting on our sofas, it’s ten past eleven on a Sunday night, we’ve just eaten our weight in chilli and we are watching a boxset on the TV. I should be reading a play for Classics but sometimes you just have to wind down with some TV.

So here is four wintery TV baes I’ve crashed through this year and FYI, I’m on the hunt for things to fill my next “to watch” list with …


So unless you live under a rock, you will know what Stranger Things is considering this Netflix original grabbed us all up and we were all gabbing about for it weeks as we binged watched all the episodes in about two days (me).

The gripping supernatural thriller which gripped Netflix aka the world. A couple of my friends had watched this when it first came out and recommended it to me but I never got round to watching it until classes started up and running again (typical eh).

I watched it all over two days which is a bit intense but I got very sucked into it. It is a super good show with an awesome cast of characters (the boys and Eleven make the show) and everyone has to at least give it a whirl.

Perfect if you have an empty weekend coming up as it’s only one season long currently (of 13 episodes maybe) soooo it is easily doable in a weekend.


Since re-watching this iconic show which features my number one inspo Blair Waldorf, I’ve felt super inspired to be like semi-successful in life (read: ABSOLUTE GIRL BOSS).

I love Gossip Girl because it’s so unattainable. The problems they have are so detached from my own, it’s a real chance to escape. Plus it features New York pretty heavily which is beautiful.

Fancy making yourself sick with envy of their lives and wishing you could be Blair Waldorf for days on end? Watch it.

I’m feeling a bit between “I know how I wanna girl boss the world so should probably start that now” and “wow you are a giant loser how will you ever achieve anything” so maybe I should watch this again, like now, right before exams start?

*Presses publish and loads up Netflix*


An oldie but a goodie. The aforementioned box set Tori and I are burning through is Friends.

That’s right, FRIENDS.

Tori has seasons 1-10 on box set which is amazing and we currently are trawling through season 7. Chandler and Monica are happy, Rachel and Joey live together, Ross is being Ross and Phoebe is being Phoebe.

I can’t decide who my favourite character is. I love them all but I think Phoebe annoys me the most and Chandler or Monica is my favourite. Probably Chandler more than Monica.

Oh, and I cried a lot when Chandler and Monica got engaged. Well, I cried through the last three episodes of season 6 because it is magical. So magical.


Hello 14 year-old Kirsty, is that you over there?

I was low-key obsessed with this show back in 2012 (probably high-key if we are being honest) and then I just kind of stopped. I have the first two seasons on box set and then I used to watch the rest on ITV2 but then I just stopped.

I’m not really sure why as I loved this show, the characters were amazing, the storylines yeh a little bit fanatical but so good and suited the show and in my opinion, it got better as it went on.

During the essay writing period of university this semester, naturally, I decided this would be the perfect time to become addicted to a new TV show on Netflix. And it happened to be The Vampire Diaries. I started from the end of season 6 and now I’ve caught up with season 8 being released weekly in the states so I’m streaming it BUT OH SO AMAZING.


Thanks for letting me live as a 14 year-old again Vampire Diaries, you champs.

So yeah, I recommend.