5 books i take inspiration from.

God I’ve been struggling recently. So in times like this I always turn to my number one for inspiration: books. I’ve always been a lover of the written word and finding solace and comfort in the pages of my favourite inspirational books and experiences has always been my way of coping.

Writers and their perspectives continue to be a source of inspiration for me so here are five books  I’ve been turning to recently to rejuvenate my creative juices. Whilst things in real life continue to throw obstacles in my way, flicking through the pages of these five always leave me feeling inspired, motivated and with a smile on my face.

real nordic living.

Since delving into the world of Scandinavian living when I read Helen Russell beautiful memoir The Year Of Living Danishly I’ve been captivated by the lifestyle of the people of Scandinavia. This has only been encouraged further by a recent trip to Stockholm that I adored and flicking through the pages of Real Nordic Living by Dorothea Gundtoft always leaves me with a smile on my face.

It reminds me of all the merits I love about this lifestyle and encourages me to look for similar aspects in my own life. I’ve written about enjoying a more Scandinavian approach to life previously on the blog and this book is just a similar reminder of what I love and how in turn I can write about that.

the little book of hygge.

On a similar note, after reading The Year of Living Danishly, this was the first book I read to devour more knowledge and it was doing the rounds of everyone on Instagram. It is an adorable little book and I love rereading it as it reminds me to implement the little tips into my own life which I often forget when I feel overwhelmed.

The Little Book of Hygge perfectly reminds of the Scandinavian lifestyle and what I adore about it. It is small, pocket sized and an easy read to flick through time and time again. As I feel such an affinity with this lifestyle it always inspires me as it reminds me of the life I do want and how working online here can help me achieve this.

the miracle morning.

I’ve been feeling very sluggish recently which isn’t helped by the fact I basically have nothing to do at the moment. University has finished and whilst I’m working on my dissertation the boredom and guilt has been a bit overwhelming at times. I’ve been sleeping late, getting up late and feeling generally a bit shit 90% of the time.

The Miracle Morning is quite a recent read for me and whilst I’ve been a bit rubbish at following Hal Elrod’s advice a little flick through and a reminder of what it can do for you is very inspiring. I haven’t totally turned my life around but The Miracle Morning can be a perfect little kick up the arse which I so often need.

the avocado cookbook.

This might sound an odd one to include in a list of books about inspiration but flicking through the delicious recipes of The Avocado Cookbook always makes me feel inspired. Not only to spice up my life food-wise and slip some avocados into my basket next time I’m gracing Lidl with my presence but also inspires my photography game.

Photography is a huge part of blogging and feeling uninspired in one outlet usually means they all suffer. If I can’t write, I can’t take photos. This little pick-me-up always makes me feel a little more inspired to try out new things, be bolder and be simple with what me and my trusty iPhone can do.

get your sh*t together.

Ah, the everlasting wisdom of Sarah Knight. I’ve read both of her books on numerous occasions but at moments like right now, when I need to get my shit together, her second book is a one-stop-shop to greatness. It’s straight-talking, to the point and simple.

I find it super easy to follow, it is a great book to start a journey into feeling inspired with and a really great place to start from. There are plenty of chapters to flick through and focus in on things you want to improve on through what Sarah calls ‘small manageable chunks’.

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