5 summer beauty products i couldn’t live without.

Okay, tad dramatic in that title there. But for the first time I’ve been taking a little bit more care of my skin in the summer with my favourite summer beauty products as it is so much warmer than usual and I’m heading off to Italy in a few weeks-time.

Every skin horror you see champions the wearing of SPF and I’m getting very involved. My skin has definitely been at its worst this summer: break-outs, dryness, reacting badly to sun. Hardly ideal. I’ve been trialling new products and trying to find what works best for me so I thought I’d share my ultimate favourites and the ones I’ll be trying to squeeze into my hand luggage for Italy.

I usually shop for my beauty products in Boots because I love the variety and affordability of the ranges they offer. Skincare is something I really begrudge spending money on and I’m also super lazy at trying new products. Practically everything in my beauty baskets are from Boots but I will be popping into Sephora in Rome, you can count on that.

botanics all bright day cream.*

Botanics are a brand I see popping up on my Instagram feed all the time and I’ve always been intrigued by their natural ethos. I love the pastel coloured packaging and they do a huge range of products. I picked up the All Bright Day Cream as I needed a new facial moisturiser and I went for this one as it contains SPF 15.

I’m really trying to wear SPF everyday now as I constantly see the importance of it stressed online so having a moisturiser which encompasses this makes it a lot easier. I love the light creamy texture of this moisturiser and it is infused with hibiscus which makes it smell pretty lovely too.

the body shop face mist.*

I first encountered a face mist with Lis on the train back from Alloa on a scorching hot day and she pulled it out her back. It was so refreshing to have a spritz on my face so when I saw the new range from The Body Shop out on display at the St Enoch Press Summer Soiree event, I knew I needed to get on board.

I struggle with the heat like the next typical Scot but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it and try to make the most of it anyway. I picked up the Coco Calming spray from The Body Shop and having it in my bag when I’m out and about enjoying the sun is super helpful as it always freshens up my face.

simple hydrating booster.*

One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered with my skin this summer is dryness. Foundation is clinging to me in patches, some areas feel a bit red and sore and my skin just feels like it is lacking in hydration.

I’ve started using this Simple Hydrating Booster after applying primer and before applying foundation, just to give my skin a little extra drink. I also use it at any point in the day when my skin feels dehydrated and the handy size makes it easy to carry around.

the body shop indian night jasmine body mist.*

You know when you have a perfume that you associate with a memory and every time you spray it you are taken back there? Indian Night Jasmine is that for me. It was all I wore when I went to the Bahamas in 2016 and I’m now on my third bottle in an effort to keep the memory alive. It is the perfect summery scent that instantly makes me feel fresh and at ease.

The Body Shop body mists are perfect for summer perfumes if you are on a budget. At around £8 a bottle, you get 100ml and the range of scents is varied – I have my eye on the Coconut one next.

glossier balm dot com.

My Glossier Balm Dot Com has been one of my favourite lip balms since I first purchased it back in 2017. It is such a hydrating formula that doesn’t feel sticky or drying out on the lips and I always make sure it is in my toiletries bag when I travel.

The packaging is ~ super cute ~ (as is all of Glossier’s products) and I really can’t wait to purchase another Balm Dot Com at some point. I have the Rose version currently but I have my eye on the Coconut.

This post contains products that were bought with a gifted voucher. They are marked with an asterisk, read my full disclaimer here.