6 edinburgh ‘experiences’ to gift this christmas.

We all have someone we don’t know what to get for Christmas. Or maybe you’ve got something exciting planned in Edinburgh yourself for the new year so maybe this could be a gift for you. I believe it is impossible for someone to go Christmas shopping and not buy themselves a Christmas gift or six.

Maybe your best pal is just impossible. Or your dad. Or your boyfriend. Maybe you’ve booked a sneaky post Christmas break to Edinburgh and need things to do that don’t involved spilling all your money into Primark because whoops, that top looked nice when you popped in to shelter from the rain.*

*It will probably be raining when you visit Edinburgh, just to warn ya.

Giving the gift of an ‘experience’ does sound a bit pretentious and does warrant an eye roll or two but it is also something very worthwhile to give. I’ve done up a little gift guide to six experiences from Groupon in Edinburgh for your loved ones (or you, no judgement here).

Also it is under a week until Christmas so v handy if you haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet.

ghost tours.

Edinburgh is positively reeking in history. There are literal streets upon streets. Hundreds of years of history piled on top of one another. It is one of my favourite cities for that reason. You can’t visit Edinburgh and ignore the history built around you, the castle is literally sitting on top of an extinct volcano that you can’t not notice.

If you want a bit of history that is perhaps a little more ‘alternative’, I recommend putting your brave pants on and hearing what the unwanted inhabitants of the city have to offer. The ghosts. I’ve been on a couple of ghost tours in my time (I may or may not have gone purely because there was a Chinese buffet involved afterwards, I make no promises) and both times I was shook to the core.

That may have been because I forgot my brave pants (I don’t think I own any) but the stories and people that haunt the forgotten streets are chilling. If this sounds like your cup of tea or the cup of tea of your most fearsome pal, Auld Reekie Tours have 50% off on Groupon, so dig out those brave pants I keep talking about and try not to wet yourself.


It would be a bit rude to visit Scotland’s capital and not have a dram of whisky. Says me, who has probably drank whisky about twice in her whole Scottish existence. This is a perfect ‘check-of-your-bucket-list-experience’ for any people visiting Edinburgh or maybe you just have a dad who really bloody likes whisky.

I’ve heard it warms the throat so a perfect thing to do on a wet/windy/sideways rain kinda day you might have on your visit or you could just be in your dad’s good books for 2018. Jeffrey St Whiskies are offering a tasting session of four single malts for the price of one or a deluxe tasting session with four 25ml glasses of 18-40 year old whisky through Groupon. So that is pretty snazzy for your whisky-loving people.


Doing an escape room has been on my agenda for about two years. My friends and I have so nearly done one on several occasions but plans haven’t always matched up. I’ve heard incredibly good things from lots of peoples and other bloggers so maybe 2018 will finally be the year it happens? But if you are not like me and are v good at sticking to things, you can do it. You can buy someone an escape room experience in Edinburgh or hell, buy yourself it, it’s Christmas baby.

I always think an Escape Room would be a good way to kill some time on an evening if your visiting (especially a cold one!) or it would be a good way to get all your pals together after all the festive cheer has evaporated and it is January 8th and your back to work/university. Escape Rooms Scotland have 30% on Groupon and have locations in both Edinburgh and Stirling so maybe you could kill two birds with one stone and visit another Scottish city? They also have an amazing castle. Make your trip an Escape Room and castles visit! If you are as into castles as I am, I really recommend Great British Castles on Netflix, six hours of your life will not be wasted.


Maybe you have a blogger best friend who you really want to treat this Christmas? Maybe you are a budding photographer yourself? Maybe your mum really wants to learn how to use that snazzy camera she bought 8 months ago and has sat in a box since?

Edinburgh is blinkin’ beautiful city with blinkin’ beautiful things to see in it. Every time I visit I come away with a full camera roll and lots of pics to spam my Instagram with over the next couple of weeks. Have I mentioned it is a gorgeous city?

If you have a spare day on your trip or an empty weekend coming up with your friends or mum, John Glynn Photography is offering 77% off a five hour photography course on Groupon. Your mum can finally learn to use her camera then eh.


Every time my sister tells me she doesn’t like wine, I shake my head mournfully and say, oh hun you’ll learn. I would love love love to do a wine tasting course, especially with Rachel and Tori, as I can just imagine how sloshed we would get and how hilarious that would be. If you have more friends than me, you go five other people to Bacco in Edinburgh and have wine tasting paired with food with 52% off from Groupon.

What a dreamy thing to do with your pals? Workmates? Family? Yourself? Pay the package of six and drink it all yourself. Merry fucking Christmas to you.


Okay, I have heard there are people who run on their holidays. I don’t run when I’m not on my holidays (although that might be subject to change in 2018, a girl can dream/hope/cross her fingers/sacrifice a turnip to the gods). Or maybe your sister wants to get her best running gear out and do something a little different for her training?

EMF Running Tours have 45% off through Groupon which would be perfect for your fitness fanatic girlfriend during your Edinburgh break or your super sporty brother. I’m almost ready to sign up for this even though a) shit at running and b) shit at running, as it sounds such a fun thing to do and a really good way to spend a brisk Edinburgh morning.

This sponsored post was produced in collaboration with Groupon but all views and opinions expressed here are my own. For further clarification, please read my full disclaimer here