6 non-fiction books: heartbreak, early mornings + working women.

A few years ago I never read non-fiction books. I just wasn’t interested – when I was reading I wanted to be whisked away to a world I could escape in or be terrified by the thriller I was reading. But in the last few years, and since starting The Monday Project, non-fiction books have been a constant fixture in my recently reading.

I am obsessed with self-help books – I’ll ready anything that can give me a helping hand. I also love books relating to business, creativity and blogging – Charlotte wrote a fantastic list of books for bloggers a while ago which I’m still slowly working my way down. I also love personal books – I like reading about someone’s life, what they learnt, how they are still learning.

I do mix in my non-fiction reading with grisly thrillers and tear-jerking novels but discovering a whole world of non-fiction books has really opened my eyes. I’m always on the hunt for something new to read and the ‘books to read/borrow/buy’ list on the Notes on my phone is always being added to.

becoming by laura jane williams.

Wow. Laura. It is amazing. Laura Jane Williams is one of my favourite writers to follow on social media but I didn’t actually finish her debut book until mid-April. It was on my Kindle and I always forget to read the books that are on there. I follow Laura on Twitter/Instagram and subscribe to her newsletter so I felt like I knew what ‘Becoming’ was about, but man, it is even better on the page.

Laura has a real way with words and I felt like I was sitting right next to her on her journey from Derby to Paris to Detroit to Italy to NYC to London. It was like a friend telling me their story and I came away from it learning a lot. It has given me more of an idea of what I want to write about and focus in on. It is a sad story but I think it teaches you how to make your happy ending. I need all my friends to read this ASAP.

the miracle morning by hal elrod.

I’m really into self-help books so when I saw this book doing the rounds on my Instagram feed I jumped on the train. It is my constant ambition in life to easily-rise before 8am and I have enjoyed The Miracle Morning. It is simplistic, well-written (although a little preachy at times) and does have some very transferable tips that aren’t too strenuous.

Whilst I’m still struggling to rise at 6am to perform a ‘miracle morning’ (this might have something to do with my 2.30am bedtimes) the mornings I do manage to get up, I always have a good day. I’ve definitely taken up the affirmation mantle and recite things to myself on the daily. Basically I talk to myself a lot more now than I did before, which was already a lot.

before you let the sun in by ian robertson + katerina couroucli-robertson.*

This book was sent to me as part of a blogger book tour for review by a publicist and I found myself being very pleasantly surprised by it. I would have never picked it up from the shelf but the haunting and honest stories of real people really drew me in and I felt connected.

It isn’t a walk in the park to read but it does have wonderful moments that really shine through as people recount their problems to a therapist and how in turn that therapist aids and assists them in their recovery. It is super insightful and very educational. For all my thoughts on it, read the full review I wrote here.

build a business from your kitchen table by sophie cornish + holly tucker.

I have since joined the library which is the most fabulous thing in the world and one of the first thing I picked up was this book by the owners of notonthehighstreet.com. Starting my own business is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m not quite sure how that will play out yet but I have really enjoyed this book by Sophie & Holly.

It is packed with useful information about how to quite literally start from your kitchen table and I particularly enjoyed the sections on branding and marketing. There was a super useful piece on writing a good press release that I’ve copied and saved for future reference and this is just one snippet of good advice from this fab book.

little black book by otegha uwagba.

This little book always does the rounds on Instagram thanks to its aesthetic and the fact is filled to the brim with tips and advice for modern working women. I had been following the author, Otegha Uwagba, on Twitter for a while and it is always something I had wanted to read. One Sunday morning I was browsing Amazon and saw it was available for £3.59! Bit of a bloody bargain.

I love the compact design, the no-nonsense approach to the writing and it is so freaking helpful. I felt so inspired every time I finished reading a portion of it and due to the small, compact size it is very easy to pick and up and reread.

lifeshocks by sophie sabbage.*

I wasn’t blown away by Lifeshocks as much as I thought I would. It seems like my cup of tea at first glance: self-help, geared towards making life changes, written by a female author. But I just didn’t love it.

You can read my full review for all the reasons it didn’t blow my socks off but it isn’t a bad book, just not the most fulfilling self-help book I’ve read either.

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