6 of my favourite places in the scottish borders.

After spending two weeks at home over Easter break, I’ve done a bit of thinking about the Scottish Borders. My feelings about this place are constantly changing, sometimes I can’t abide it, I miss the fast nature of the city but other times I adore it.

I adore sleepy mornings, quiet afternoons, sunshine unfiltered, the continuous chirping of birds and a picturesque spot around almost every corner. My two weeks at home weren’t as relaxing as I would quite like (exams were looming and I spent a lot of time in my room revising *sob*) but it doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to procrastinate my time away on some occasions.

Due to my new found nature of home appreciation in 2017 (hey, I wrote a whole post about the simple pleasures I find in my parent’s home over here) I thought I’d share some of my favourite spots in the Scottish Borders in case anyone is thinking of a visit to this little spot of Scotland (and it’s an easy visit from the north of England too)!

The Damascus Drum, Hawick

This little cafe slightly off the beaten track of what is Hawick High Street is one of my favourite things about going to visit my Granny. It is pretty quirky but always has relaxing music playing and it is lovely on a sunny day as the sun shines right through the place.

As it is off the high street, it is very quiet and you aren’t packed in like sardines which makes your visit even more special. I’ve had coffee, cakes and lunch here so I like to think I’m pretty well versed in the menu and I can confirm everything I have sampled is delicious. My mum backs me up here, we often have different choices and she agrees everything she has tasted is equally yummy!

I think this is my favourite cafe in the whole of the Scottish Borders (gasp) due to all the books which adorn the wall which are available to buy.

The Hirsel, Coldstream

There are lots of places to go for walks in the Scottish Borders (we are spoiled like that) but I like The Hirsel as it is only five minutes down the road and I am v lazy.

It is the perfect place to go for a stroll in the summer months as there is a delightful little tearoom for respite stops (v important if you are me). There is a man-made lake with lots of different birds on it, picnic spots, woodland walks and some on-site museum attractions about the history of the estate.

Emma and I took a little trip there last summer on a super warm day which was lovely and took some quick outfit snaps.

The Plough, Leitholm 

This is one of my fave spots and again, it is super close to me (lazy hehe). I can walk there which is makes a fun Sunday afternoon activity with my mum and our BFF Pip.

They have a super nice outdoor area which is lovely in the sunshine and they have a lot of craft beers on offer too. Leitholm didn’t have a pub for a while but The Plough re-opened a couple of years ago and I think it has made a huge different to the village. Country pubs are my absolute fave and it is so nice having such a decent one on my doorstep.

Born In The Borders, nearish Jedburgh

I feel I do most of cafe frequenting when I’m with my Granny and my mum. This little set-up is nearish to Jedburgh and has their own brewery on site. I don’t drink a lot of craft beer but the whole idea of it fascinates me and the Borders is pretty lucky to have so many microbreweries around. Small businesses and all that.

There is a delightful gift shop and farm shop (!!!), I can’t  be the only person who is obsessed with farm shops? The restaurant has a really nice courtyard outdoor seating area and a really delicious and varied menu which I have sampled a lot of times.

Jedburgh’s Historic Hits

When my friends from uni came to visit last year, I visited the Mary Queen of Scots House in Jedburgh for the first time. I didn’t know why I’ve never visited before as it was so much history and such an interesting story literally on my doorstep.

If you want to do a little bit of sightseeing in the Borders and not just sit in cafes (like me), then Jedburgh also has Jedburgh Castle Jail as well which offers a really interesting insight into crime and punishment in the town. I love finding historic spots when I’m away so I was pretty excited to discover these two on my doorstep.

Kelso Town Square

I would argue that Kelso is the nicest town in the Scottish Borders but you could say I am biased. Melrose can give this place as it also very pretty a run for its money but Kelso has the nicest town square, maybe in Scotland? Who knows!

On a sunny day it is lovely and is always bustling, with lots of little boutique shops, restaurants and cafes. Kelso is a definitely a lovely place to base yourself and is easy access to lots of other lovely places.

There is also the giant cobble which is a bit controversial and I am not personally a fan but our farm’s name is inscribed on it which is pretty cool. Sometimes there is a farmer’s market or exhibitions in the middle of the square as well so there is lots of to do and is a good place to start your day.

Also this picture was not taken in the Scottish Borders, it was taken in Glasgow. I’m just v unorganised and bad at taking pictures when I’m home because I do other things like annoy my mum and play with my dog.


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