6 Reasons To Watch The Walking Dead Even If You Don’t Like Zombies

6 Reasons To Watch The Walking Dead Even If You Don’t Like Zombies

I fucking hate zombies. There. I said it. Zombies are gross. I’m not a fan. I enjoy vampires (I was a Twilight girl back in its day), I like werewolves and I FUCKING love magic (HP & Merlin are baes) but zombies, nah not so much. I think they are just kind of stupid and disrupt here, there and fucking everywhere but what is going on with the world and WHY are we so obsessed with them?

So when I was moaning because I had nothing to watch on TV (despite slogging through Grey’s Anatomy and Friends at the time), one of my uni pals was like “hey watch The Walking Dead” and I was like “ew no gross zombies no thanks.” But then I did. I just tuned into it online (don’t ever do that obviously) and after a couple of episodes I was nah no for me. But then my friend came in and we watched a couple together and my response? AMAZING. SIMPLY AMAZING. SUPER AWESOME. IS IT WEIRD I WANT TO LIVE IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SO I CAN BE BADASS TOO? Yeh probs shouldn’t repeat that statement all too often. Here’s why you should get on the cheeky bandwagon even if you ain’t a fan of the old zombies either. Because really, they’re not what the show is about. Yeh really.

1. Storyline. OH SO GRIPPING. Like zombies and that but oh my god romance, drama, pain, heartbreak, all the usuals come out and about to party in the weird little camp set-up going. Dale is just someone I want to be my grandad. Rick is a super babe and why can’t everyone be like him? And my absolute fave? Daryl.

2. It ain’t all about the zombies, or the “walkers” as they are called in the show. As the show progresses you begin to realise that the show ain’t about zombies, it’s about the breakdown of society and the chaos that follows it. Real scary stuff. Yeah the zombies are a nuisance, popping up here, there and fucking everywhere and giving me a fright like 98% of the time but they aren’t the real problem. It’s crazy pyschopaths like the Governor. He’s the real deal.

3. Little bit of romance thrown in on the side. Awwww. I love it. I’m a sucker for a good romantic story and some of it being in a show like this is just fabulous. Glenn and Maggie are my faves but they are closely followed by Daryl and Carol’s little flirtation just because OH MY GOD I FUCKING ADORE DARYL. I need someone like him in my life.

4. The location changes. It ain’t the type of show where the characters are settled in one place which just makes it even more juicy and fresh. There’s the camp, Atlanta, the prison, Woodbury, always always changing. So lots of funsies in lots of location.

5. There is a lot of girl power in this show. Carol is my number one bae: the ultimate sass followed with some loving qualities. I adore her. And her and Daryl. She’s just so ace. Other babes include Maggie, Michonne and Andrea. I love how women aren’t portrayed as weak and pathetic and not able to fight during this zombie infested world.

6. I’m currently trawling through season 3 and the fact that there is 5 full seasons with season 6 currently being shown, that’s hella fun as you have lots to buckle down into.

Get watching those zombies, you won’t regret it!

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Original Post Date: March 2016