7 bloggers to start reading right now.

I am full of love for the blogging world right now. Every day I thank my lucky stars that I plucked up the courage to start wittering away online and discover a world of incredible writers, photographs and content creators on the internet. I love finding new blogs myself and I’ve done a couple of posts in the past sharing my favourite bloggers to follow. Seeing as it is 2018, it felt darn right to do another one.

To set the scene a little bit, this marvellous idea came to me just after midnight one Tuesday night. I most definitely should have gone to bed but I knew I would forget all about this wave of inspiration the next morning. I practically got myself ready for bed, crawled back into bed and picked a ‘Musical Hits’ playlist on Spotify. And ta-dah!

These are the bloggers you should be following, the archives to get lost in and their unique selling points (in my humblest of opinions) that makes their incredible content stand out, loud and proud.


The Little Plum | The simple thing I love about Chloe is the personality that literally pushes itself through her writing. It isn’t forced or fake or out of place – her blog posts are perfectly written, providing a perfect narrative. She discusses a lot of taboo and personal issues accompanied by the most gorgeous photography of her I-woud-kill-for-personal style. There is a real sense of realness to Chloe’s blog, a lot of honesty and a lot of personal opinion. Her writing always leaves me coming away from them with a thought in mind or heading off to do some more research.

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Apartment Number 4 | You can’t dip your toe into interior blogs without first looking at Victoria. I would literally cut my duvet in half if Victoria suggested it as the next big trend to watch for. (kidding, or am I?) I love her style, her easy to follow tips & tricks for making your space feel like yours and have I mentioned her gorgeous style? You can find any sort of interior advice on Apartment Number 4 and there is a good smattering of lifestyle posts mixed in too.

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By Charlotte Ann | Charlotte’s incredible blog is so much more than blogging tips but it is one of my favourite categories. With 8 or something years under her belt, this girl knows what she is talking about and her lovely personality shines through each post. Having met her irl like twice (fan girled a lot, no shame) I can confirm she is just as sweet and lovely as she comes across on screen. Both being based in Glasgow, I feel I can relate to Charlotte a lot more as I can read her posts and nod, huh yeh, I know where that is or ooh I’ve been there. I would recommend browsing her blogging tips section to anyone thinking of starting a blog & she has a created an incredible newsletter community ‘Blog & Beyond’ to really get your foot in the door and embrace the blogging world.

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Sophie Cliff | When I think of a lifestyle blog, Sophie’s immediately comes to mind. Covering a whole host of topics (with a big focus on travel too), Sophie shares her wonderful personality and life through her screen. She talks about her cat, her husband, her life in Leeds and all the wonderful little aspects of life to the bigger things like travelling to NYC. She is another creator of a fantastic newsletter and runs a great blogging e-course called How To Grow Your Blog With A Full-Time Job at the beginning of the year that I adored. Sophie’s blog brings a lot of simplicity back into blogging and is so authentic which I adore.

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As The Sparrow Flies | Sam’s blog is probably the most recent discovery included in this list and I will now never travel again without first checking As The Sparrow Flies for recommendations and travel guides. With a huge host of destinations in the roster, you will find something for any trip you want to plan – well, basically. I lost a whole hungover Saturday once to her archives reading about Barcelona, Amsterdam, the best cathedrals in Europe, Chester, you name it, I probably read it. Full of practical advice and realistic options, you simply must check Sam’s blog before you next travel.

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Rush & Teal | This is another fairly new addition to my reading regularly list but after following Allie on Instagram for what feels like ages, I’m surprised it took me so long to start reading. Allie’s style is amazing – so relaxed, slow and authentically cool. I’m also obsessed with her interior style as it is very similar to what I think her personal one is. Another incredible accept of Rush & Teal is the Slow Sunday Club, a weekly newsletter Allie is curating with her sister and it is a joy to read.

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Sophie Rosie | I should read Sophie’s blog more regularly as every time I see a post shared on Twitter or just head over for a browse I’m reminded of how stellar her content is. Her photography style is so atheistically pleasing and I love her honesty in her writing. My favourite categories to lurk in are ‘Careers & Goals’ as there is so much useful tips in there and her personal musing posts as they always hit the nail on the head, beautifully written and accompanied by stunning photography.

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