7 months of 2017.

Life seems to be going very quickly at the moment and I’m not okay with that. To top things off, I’m only assured that things will be quicker from here on out. I haven’t accomplished half the things I wanted to this year: I didn’t travel, I didn’t become healthier, I didn’t do more exciting things in the summer. It does make me wonder what exactly I do do with my time when I’m one of my Negative Nancy moods.

The quickness of life is something I always marvel at and I’m so glad that I’ll be turning 20 next year and not 21. Every time I breathe a day seems to fly past when other times the minutes crawl past at the pace of a snail when time doesn’t seem to move. It is crazy to think I am on the brink of entering my third year of university, my third year of living in Glasgow, my third year of being closer to the real world.

Despite 2017 being full of up and downs so far and being quite mundane by most people’s standards, I think so far I’ve made really good progress and accepted a lot of things, allowing me to move forward positively and even with excitement for the rest of 2017!

January | The year started slowly as I spent New Year’s Eve at home, crashing my parent’s party as I didn’t feel good and was still tired from coming back from Prague a few days before. I then moved back to Glasgow for the remainder of my second year, back to city lights and student heating. I managed to find some time to head to New Lanark with Ali to check out the world heritage site and shared it on my blog.

February | I turned 19, finally entering my final teenage year. I spent my birthday in Bar Gumbo, my favourite Glasgow restaurant inspired by New Orleans. February brought with it essay season so I spent quite a lot of time swotting in books, writing drafts and sitting in the library. I saw Trainspotting 2 at the cinema despite not having seen Trainspotting. My lovely family came to Glasgow for a day of shopping and eating (v important!).

March | University began to wind down for the end of the year, warning that exams were creeping closer as closes began to finish up and deadlines approached. I attended Kris Munro‘s blogger foodie meet up at Chaakoo Bombay Cafe where I met the lovely Elanor again – almost a year after we first met at a Body Shop event. Rachel, Tori and I viewed a flat which we later decided to make home for third year which was very exciting and definitely made me feel more settled about returning for year three.

April | I spent quite a lot of time at home in the Scottish Borders in April as we had three weeks Easter break which was very welcomed. I visited my Granny in Hawick which entailed a trip to one of my favourite cafes in the Scottish Borders, The Damascus Drum. Aside from that, April was very quiet – mostly involved me swotting for final exams which would be starting at the end of the month with History. I did manage to sneak in a quick 12 hours in London with my sister to get a USA visa (lolz) which perked things up a little.

May | I had my final two exams for Business and Classics which meant second year finally came to an end, leaving me quite mentally exhausted but pleased with how things went. Kirsten and I went for brunch at Singl-end, my first visit to the acclaimed Glasgow eatery which I was not disappointed with, I still dream about the cakes! I had meetings for honours which made third year feel quite real and we finally went for food at the gorgeous Mexican restaurant next to our flat, Bibi’s Cantina. I don’t know why we waited so long, delicious food and friendly staff!

June | The first few days of June were spent getting ready for Camp America. I had lunch with Steph for a goodbye and catch up at Floors Castle and treated myself to a tarot card reading with Liz at Cafe Obigado in Gordon. My tarot reading was so interesting and I am hankering for my own set of cards now. I don’t see it as a way of telling my future, more as a means of tapping into your own subconscious. I then went to the USA for the summer. And came back 8 days later for a multitude of reasons. But as I’m sitting here, typing this up on a Saturday evening, I’m so glad I did. I’m in the living room of my parent’s new house where we have lived for two and a half weeks, having spent the afternoon in Glasgow at the hospital visiting my Dad for the first time since he had open heart surgery on Tuesday. I made the right decision.

July | I have a job! I started a summer work placement at an SAC surveillance lab as a lab attendant and I have since learnt loads. I also signed up for the Superlatively Rude Summer School with Laura Jane Williams which is coming to its conclusion as I’m typing this and I’m so glad I did. My 8 days in the USA ensured I realised a lot about myself and I decided to just make a push with my writing on my return, to throw myself into blogging and writing up pieces on the side. Laura’s summer school slotted in brilliantly to this and I’ve learnt tonnes in the last 6 weeks.

So that is my 2017 so far. It hasn’t been overly exciting, I haven’t done anything Instagram-worthy but I’m here, I’m doing things, I’m living. I’m excited for the rest of the year now, for candles, hygge, Christmas and continuing to get my shit back together.