7 ways to get into the festive mood.

Okay it is December 14th so like sort your life out if you ain’t festive yet. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you with that. The weather has been frightfully chilly of late which is perfect for adding a little bit of festivities to your day. Getting into the festive mood can be a little tricky if your life won’t allow but hey, I’m here to help.

I’m about to head off to the Cream Chimneys to drink coffee and use their internet as wow, the amount of stuff I have to do is overwhelming and I just want to watch Call The Midwife on repeat. But it is 11 sleeps to go maybe? The big day is in sight, my friends. I’ve bought all of my presents, wrapped them all, had a last minute scramble last night when Peter Kay’s tour got cancelled.

December is one of my favourite months of the year as there are so many ways to enjoy it. You can go all in, wear a Christmas jumper every day, only go to Christmas themed events and drink only Christmas drinks. Or you can tone it down a bit, go to a market, listen to a few Christmas tunes and catch up with your favourite YouTuber’s day for 20 minutes as part of Vlogmas.

visit a christmas market/fair.

Memories of the annual Ednam Primary School Christmas Fair are amongst my fondest. Honestly, that Saturday was one of the highlights of my year. Cutting about with my pals, picking up random shit from the second hand stall, getting sick temporary tattoos and checking out the lucky dip stall. It was the best.

Christmas markets and fairs seem to be growing more and more popular. At the end of November I headed to the Country Living Christmas Fair in Glasgow with my parents which was the perfect first step into Christmas and we managed to pick up lots of gifts and decorations. I’ve also had a gander at the Edinburgh Christmas Markets that dominate the Christmas scene in Edinburgh every year a couple of Saturdays back with my friend Emma and it was a brilliant first weekend of December activity.

Yes it was mobbed but the the lights, the smell of mulled wine, the smell of chocolate and well, the smell of Christmas make it worth it. You can pick up wonderful unique gifts and decorations, get a stunning view of Edinburgh lit up from the Big Wheel, make your stomach plummet by going one of the rides and have a mulled wine or six to really treat yourself – or to reward yourself after dealing with the ridiculous crowds.

visit a garden centre.

Garden centres are the creme de la creme of Christmas shops. There are like magical wonderlands of festivities. You can find the most random Christmas decorations in garden centres and they are a one stop shop for all the essentials: trees, lights, baubles. There is always Christmas music playing, festive treats in the cafe and you might get to see the man in the big red suit.

listen to heart xmas.

I’m sorry but if you are not listening to Heart Xmas right now, you are doing Christmas wrong. Christmas tunes dominate Heart Extra during the festive period and no car journey/study sesh/getting ready routine is complete without it. Literally all your favourite Christmas planners in one place – so it is perfect for listening to whilst decorating the tree to having some festive drinks with pals to driving to work in the pitch black when you would much rather be at home in bed.

watch something festive.

Christmas movies are just a little bit more special than movies from other times of the year aren’t they? They always have a cosy and heartwarming ending. They always have an incredible soundtrack. They often feature your favourite actors as awesome characters. Love Actually is hands down my favourite but close contenders are Nativity!, The Holiday and Arthur Christmas.

I’m also a huge of Christmas specials of TV shows. I recently watched the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special four times in one week because it is iconic. Fucking iconic. That is all I can say. Any Downton Abbey Christmas special is also a treat whilst the Miranda Hart fan that rules me adores the Miranda Christmas special as well. Literally anything to do with Christmas on the tele has me sucked in.

watch (or take part) in vlogmas.

On a similar note, Vlogmas is another way to get yourself into the festive mood. Most of the YouTube world right now seems to be dolling out Vlogmas vids left, right and centre which is both exhilarating and overwhelming.

My current vlogmas watch list is Zoella (because duh, it is the best thing out there right now, no one does Christmas like Zoe), Joe Sugg (because of the gigantic crush I have on on him), my friend Emma and Lynnsay of Sartorial Scot.

eat all the festive food.

When it is Christmas, I home in on one delicacy big time – cheese. Primarily Camembert. I think I might live for Camembert. It is the perfect way to add a little festive spice into your life without going OTT and wild and suddenly spending all your money on Christmas jumpers and wasting your life watching Christmas movies on Netflix.

light a christmas candle.

I burnt my first ‘mince pie’ scented candle back in October because I’m keen when it comes to a Christmas candle. My favourite place to pick them up is TK Maxx as you get a good mix of brands, prices and scents. Just a little whiff of cinnamon and all I can think about Christmas and family and festivities.