9 things that i got for christmas that you might love too.

I know these posts are a bit of a hot topic at the moment and there is plenty of debate on my Twitter feed about them but I love them so fuck it, I’m posting one. I love seeing what people get for Christmas/birthdays ~ it is like an insight into their life and I find them great for finding gift inspiration for my own loved ones.

I suppose if it was one big post featuring gifts from the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Kate Spade I would sod it off and not bother with reading it. But don’t worry pals, I haven’t miraculously won the lottery overnight or am a secret millionaire, so this one isn’t like that.

There is a bit of a ~ cooking theme ~ as well, my parents and sister clocked on that I love throwing things in a pan and following a recipe and hunting around Lidl for a pretentious item. And hot sauce, I love hot sauce.

So here are seven of my favourite Christmas pressies for the legends that are my friends and family – thanks you lot!

jamie’s five ingredients.

I’ve been banging on about this cookbook for months. I’ve seen it popping up all over my Instagram, people rating it and sharing food snaps and one of my fave bloggers Hannah Gale did a post about her fave recipes from it. The notion that each recipe only had five ingredients is mind blowing. God, dinners are about to get so good for me next semester. My lovely sister treated me to this and basically I’m weeing myself over it. I’ve read right through it and marked recipes I’m dying to try.

powder scarf.

This is quite possibly the softest scarf I have ever touched, let alone owned. It was a gift from my auntie and her family and I adore it. I never really buy scarves for myself anymore (despite the high street being littered with gorgeous ones every A/W season) as I have amassed a few staples and feel guilty buying anymore. As well as being incredibly soft, this scarf is a gorgeous burnt orange and yellow shades so it really brightens up any grey or black wintery outfit.


Also from my auntie was this gorgeous pair of mittens. I have to buy a new pair of gloves every single year as I always happen to lose them but after buying a boring black pair from Primark this year, I’m so excited to have these orange mittens. They are super cosy without overheating my hands (which my faux fur lined ones from Jack Wills do) and they match excellently with the scarf.

star wars original trilogy dvds.

I am self-confessed Star Wars fan and have been desperate to re-watch the original trilogy since I started to get excited about The Last Jedi in October. My parents gave me this DVD which I’ve already watched (obvs) and it is great to have one of my favourite set of films on DVD. If you haven’t seen Star Wars, you need to jump on board immediately and marvel at how amazing it is.

tarot cards.

Since having a tarot reading in June (and a sneaky one in October too!) I’ve become super interested in tarot. I read a book called Sepulchre by Kate Mosse (I do recommend, it is v good) which featured tarot as a theme and I picked up that it is bad luck to buy your own set of tarot cards, you need to be given them as a gift or steal them. Well I wasn’t about to do the latter so instead I went about dropping small (read: giant) hints to my flatmates that hey guys I would really love a set of tarot cards and Rach followed through, legend. I’m so excited to start using them ~ currently sleeping with them under my pillow to form a connection with them.

set of 6 spices.

Appaz my mum and sister both bought me this amazing spice set but I only ended up with one as Lou returned hers before the big day and got me something else. Sometimes I’m lucky if I remember to put salt into my cooking and I really begrudge buying spices for some reason. My current spice collection is cinnamon and Chinese 5 spice so don’t be too overwhelmed, we’ve got the next Nigella over here. This little babe which is from Next has basil, oregano, chilli flakes (flakes!), rosemary, coarse sea salt and fennel. Ya beauty.

napolina flavoured olive oils.

Beyond excited about this one. Didn’t even know these bad boys existed. The girl inside of me who loves spicy food is over the moon about the chilli oil but the basil oil sounds v intriguing? My shit salads and pasta dishes are about to get ten times more exciting. They are 125ml bottles which is such a decent size and not silly little tester bottles so I’ll get plenty of use out of them.

nando’s sauces.

The basic bitch in me loves Nando’s like the next girl but what I’m really there for is the peri peri sauce. Fun fact every time I’ve been to Nando’s I’ve had the same thing – a chicken burger with hot sauce, chips and coleslaw. Oh I think I maybe had peas once. But my sister gave me these hot sauces which I’m stoked to use and slather all over rice and salmon to make some sort of delicious treat for myself. Plus they come in a cute wooden box which will look v sassy in our gross kitchen.

new look star sign mug.

This is from New Look because I was with mum when she bought it. We were browsing New Look for present inspo for my cousins when I saw it and expressed how much I liked it. Mum promptly asked me if I wanted it for Christmas and here we are. I love horoscopes so this just adds a little bit of zest to my mug. I’m an aquarius which is such a pretty constellation.

My friends and family really spoiled me this year and there were other gifts that I adore just as much. I got a few personalised mugs with K’s on them, another cookbook, a gorgeous pouch and plenty of candles to burn the house down. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is looking forward to kicking 2018’s butt!