A Birthday Weekend In Edinburgh

A Birthday Weekend In Edinburgh

Disclaimer: Not my birthday, went for a lovely gal’s birthday in Edinburgh as that where she is at university.

Anyway, back to Edinburgh. So on Friday, we trotted off to Buchanan Bus Station to get a bus to Edinburgh. We has pre-booked tickets and even though the journey via bus to Edinburgh is slightly longer than the train version its OH MY GOD MUCH CHEAPER AND WE’RE POOR STUDENTS. So yeh we bussed it. We rolled into Edinburgh Bus Station at about seven o’clock and then tottered off to Waverly Station to wait for another girl to arrive from Manchester.

Birthday girl at this point made her acquaintance with us and then everyone was all together. I hadn’t met two of the girls before but everyone was super nice and we headed off to the Italian restaurant we had reserved a table at. It was a new restaurant and it was super lovely. I think it was called Tutto Matto and I had an amazing margarita pizza. Us Glasgow gals also shared two pitchers of a beer called Birra Murano which we had to have because Murano duh. The meal was really nice and I felt super mature and sophisticated during the whole event as like ooooh ladies who dine in classy Edinburgh. Friday night then ended with a trip to The Hive because do you really Edinburgh if you don’t do Hive? No I don’t think so.

Sick quality in this photo. Thanks Snapchat.

Saturday morning. Woke up a little rough if I’m honest. Gross way to start the morning. We munched on some toast, chilled and then got dressed before trotting off to the Edinburgh Dungeons. I’ve never been before because I’m such a scaredy cat. Like unbelievably scared of the stupidest stuff. I also have a huge, irrational fear of cannibalism so I was dreading the Sawney Bean segment of the tour. We all assembled at half 2 before heading down and getting some photos taken. Lots of lolz over them later I tell ya. We have a super nice one of the whole group and it’s just so cute and nice and aw fun times. Those kinda feels. And then the tour started. Dun dun dun. The fact it was dark and spooky and empty just made me hella nervous. First we went to a Courtroom then the Tolbooth Jail to visit The Torturer and then we boarded a boat down through the Caves of Galloway to search for Sawney Bean. OH MY GOD SO FREAKING SCARY AND TERRIFYING. I could have cried, actually I think I maybe did. But I paid a tenner so I wasn’t leaving. Then we were in Sawney Bean’s cave, also extremely terrifying. It was just all so loud and in your face and really made you jump. We then went to the hospital room of Dr Knox and then the graveyard of Burke and Hare. We also visited a close during the plague and then one of the scariest parts, the house of the Green Lady. OH MY GOD SO FREAKING TERRIFYING. I also never saw the Green Lady as I had my eyes shut the entire time looool. What am I like. The second last part of the experience was The Hangmans Noose which was a ride which was super fun but still made you almost wet yourself due to the speed you dropped at. We have a photo of our reaction on the ride and it is freaking hilarious. We got it for the flat so we can lol at in later years. The final part was a mirror maze but it was just kind of fun more than anything else.

After this harrowing and terrifying experience, we trotted off to Teviot for some chilli beef nachos and a pint. The food was really yum and next time I ever find myself in Edinburgh’s student union, I think I’ll have a burger. The chips looked beautiful as well. Once all food had been consumed, we headed back to Shona’s flat for a bit of a siesta and watched the Scotland v Ireland match. Some dirty tactics here, there and everywhere. After all that excitement, we started getting ready and before long the pre-drinks party was under way. It stopped half-way through so we could head to the union to get stamps for the Big Cheese. After achieving this, we headed back to Shona’s to continue our pre-drinks partying. The Big Cheese was super fun and the inside of the union kind of reminded me of Centre Parks but meh that was just me. All in all, a super good night.

On Sunday morning, Ali and I slept in so it was a bit of a rush to catch the bus but we did manage to find time to stop for a cheeky subway. I do love a big beef melt. After an hour or so on the bus, we were finally back in Glasgow so we trundled home with a little pit-stop at Lidl on the way for 29p Diet Pepsi and a bar of dark chocolate.

It’s been such a super weekend and doing stuff like this always reminds me to make time for all the people I love, wherever they are in the world. One small sidenote, I fucking love birthdays. Roll on whoever is next.

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Original Post Date: March 2016