a huge homeware haul + room tour.

I went shopping the first week I was back in Glasgow to spice up my life and buy lots of lovely new bits from my room. Our flat is a tenement flat and I really wanted to make my room as comfortable and “me” as possible so that it felt like home. Most of the furniture is black which I’m not overly keen on, the wardrobe is a bit rank and I didn’t have a lamp so I was facing a bit of a challenge on my hands.

Having a space I feel safe and happy in is so important to me, I love curling up with a book or binge watching Suits with candles burning and a good blanket. I do that all the time at home so I needed this space to be like that too. Cue a double SAAS loan and a couple of good friends to help carry stuff, I embarked on said quest. I’m gonna do this post by shops as I visited a good few and in case you wanna snap anything up.


I always head to Primark for bedding as it is quite affordable but is good quality and really soft. I have a few patterned bed sheets from Primark but I really wanted to have some white bed sheets as I love how they look (and good for blog photos!). The ones I got were £20 which I felt was quite pricey from Primark but I couldn’t find any cheaper ones. I also spotted a gorgeous marble set which I also would have bought but they only had king size ones left.

I also picked up a plum sheet for £5 for when I fake tan to prevent the orange-ness on my nice new white sheets. I wanted some nice hangers for my clothes rail as they are on constant show and Primark blew me away with lovely pink and rose gold hangers for £3 which I think look really nice with my nicest clothes on them.

The theme I’m going for in my room is pink, grey, green and white (barring the ugly furniture) so I picked up some fluffy grey cushions for £5 and a grey throw for £3.50 which are both so soft and cosy.

tk maxx.

The TK Maxx in Glasgow is hundreds of times better than the ones at Fort Kinnaird and in Galashiels so I was a bit spoilt for choice of things to buy. I needed a lamp as I had forgotten mine at home and I love using lamps instead of the main light – plus you don’t need to get out of bed to switch it off.

I picked up this for £16.99 and Tori gave me a bulb so I’m pretty happy with it, apart from the fact it is a bit squint. My bedside table is a bit gross compared to the rest of my room as it is a bit chaotic but at least my lamp is nice. I also picked up a big basket for £8 (!!!) which I can’t believe as it is such a bargain and I’m keeping all my towels in it.


Tiger is a Danish shop so I, by default, adore it (always have even before my Danish epiphany). I originally just had two green tealight holders (it was two for £1) in my basket but after paying for these and exiting the shop, I saw more amazing things in the window. Their window display was amazing, so many beautiful pieces.

I ended up walking out with a pink and green palm print cushion for £5 and a “HYGGE” framed print for £7, which felt like fate to be honest. We all know I’m a bit obsessed with hygge so seeing it scrawled on that poster, it was meant to be. I also love greenery so the cushion is super cute and works well with the grey cushions and the pink hangers.


I’m starting to get really skint by this point as we also went via Superdrug for hair bits but I forgot all of my postcards and cute prints in the folder I have them in so my room was looking a bit glum. Paperchase are my favourites for prints as they are pretty cheap and there is so much choice. I went for a black and white “You Got This”, a floral “Life Is Beautiful”, a purple “It’s Cool To Be Kind” and a polaroid of a big wheel. I’ve pinned them to my pinboard and it just makes such a difference. All were 80p each.

h&m home.

Glasgow now hosts the most beautiful H&M which has amazing stock and most excitingly, a homeware section. Yes, a homeware section. H&M Home has finally come to Glasgow and it is magnificent. I picked up two baskets for £8.99 each (it really makes by TK Maxx one look like a bargain), one is hosting my plant and the other is filled with tech items.

Next I got the Standard Goods basket for £8.99 which is full of miscellaneous items from hair straighteners to sewing kits to tampons – really anything can live here. My final H&M purchase was a small striped basket for £6.99 which I’ve filled with make-up.

urban outfitters.

My final stop was Urban Outfitters. I bought a cactus. I know, so expensive but I have no idea where the nearest garden centre is. I love the marble pot and it is such a handsome chap. After UO, I accepted defeat and got the subway home. It was not fun wrestling all my shopping and other passengers.