The February Edit

The February Edit

Holy smokes where is the year going? Like in all seriousness, what the actual fuck? What have I even be doing? Where is my time going? HOW IS THE SECOND SEMESTER NEARLY FINITO ALREADY? Ok soz about that, my “life is running away from me” panic is over. Till next month anyhoo.

So what have I actually been up to? Well I’ve been to the gym like thrice and missed creative writing like thrice so I wouldn’t say my new year’s resolutions are going all the splendidly if I’m honest.

But I’m promising myself I can step my game up again in March, well my gym game anyway (spoiler: now the third of March and haven’t been yet lolz). I’ve just been really busy (not that busy) with essay work so I’ve been telling myself I don’t have the time and OH MY GOD I KNOW it’s a super bad mind set and I’m working to get out of it. All I do is sleep and eat and occasionally cry, it’s like I’m a freaking baby.

I’ve also been home this month which was mega lush. I hopped on the train one Friday eve after spending a horrific amount of money in Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. Why. I always do this. I need to stop that. Also a goal for good ol’ March – save a little bit more money. NO YOU NEED TO BUY LESS BRAS. When I was at home I handed out a whole lotta CVs (gotta hunt for that summer job y’know), went for a lovely lunch with my parents at the local garden centre and then went for some cakes at my friend’s house. I had about five (maybs even six) cakes and I regret nothing. The calories don’t count if they have raspberries in them right? RIGHT?

When I was at home I also discovered a brand new babin’ restaurant. Like seriously babin’. It was a beautiful little Italian called Milan’s in a nearby town called Wooller and oh my jesus it was delicious. I had some gorgeous cheesy garlic bread, followed by a dreamy carbonara with penne to spice things up hehe (sorry I’ll stop) and finished with a delicious creme brule. Oh mumma. It was glorious. I’m definitely gonna be hitting that place up again in the summer for some added vino outside I think.

Oh sorry did I not mention? The reason for that oh-so-wonderful meal was because my birthday is in February. MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY! That’s right, your girl is now the big one-eight. Exciting times I tell ya. My birthday week (soz) started two days before my actual birthday (Feb 17th I’ll have you know) when I met one of my oldest, closest friends for waffles and milkshakes at this amazing place called Waffle Monster on Sauchiehall Street. I’ll definitely be back there. The dreamiest duo and literally so much chocolate I could have sweated it out. On my actual birthday I had pancakes and champagne for breakfast (could have actually cried when my darling flatmate offered to make them). We then all got dressed and tottered off into town to a gorgeous little Italian off George Square called Osteria del Tempo (you must check it out if you find yourself) where I had macaroni cheese (exotic) followed by a tiramisu. Yumma yumma. All this yumminess was followed by three delicious cocktails at three separate places; The Corinthian Club, TGI Fridays and The Hard Rock Cafe. Devine. I felt really sophisticated which was bangin’.

My birthday was literally the sweetest day filled with some of the best people in my life and I’m so thankful to have had such wonderful people to share it with. My whole birthday was made by my best gals coming from home and uni to Glasgow and visiting. We had a cheeky Nandos, shop shop shopped and then went out to a club at night. The next day was filled by napping and then we met up with other friends before going out again. It was a really beautiful weekend filled with the best people and good memories.

Since my bday it’s been a little sleepier. Essay writing has been a drag (banged out two in the last couple of weeks lol) which has been bringing down all the fun factor. It’s so nice to have them out the way though so I can celebrate my friend’s birthday in March without them harassing me subconsciously over my shoulder. Oh all da stress. Two fun things have happened in the last two weeks however. I went to see a live streaming of As You Like It from National Theatre Live at The Grosvenor on Ashton Lane with my friend (her mum bought the tickets which was so kind) and it was really, really funny! I’d never seen it before and we’ve bought tickets to go and see a one act play (The Dumb Waiter) live in Glasgow so that’s something to look forward to. Buzzin. I’ve also been to Dundee to visit Sarah which was really fun, I’d never seen much of Dundee before but we had a little stroll around on the Saturday morning and it was a nice little city! The sun was shining so that was divine! Hopefully I’ll make it back up there again sometime soon!

One last note: bought a new pair of Doc Martens with my birthday money in the most gorgeous shade of Bubblegum. Rad times I tell ya.

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Original Post Date: March 2016