a little look inside my bedroom.

Moving house this summer was a pretty big milestone and I spent the latter half of my university break curating my new bedroom to my tastes. Luckily the walls were already painted an off-white/very light green colour which I love as it is so nice and bright. The carpet was also fairly new and is just plain sand coloured. Whilst I would prefer floorboards and a big fluffy rug, I’m glad it is a carpet that suits me and isn’t going to ruin the look I’m aiming for with the room.

I love being nosy and seeing inside other people’s homes. Not only does it satisfy the nosy Nora inside of me, but it provides inspiration for my own projects. Everyone has different tastes but it is really interesting seeing lots of little bits that inspire you and trying to blend them together to fit you.

I’ve been trying to keep it bright and airy. That was my overall goal when having my room how I like it. I therefore sadly had to say goodbye to my gorgeous oak wardrobe as a) it doesn’t fit in my bedroom at the moment due to the built in wardrobe and b) it would have made the room too dark. Luckily all the rooms in the new house came with built in wardrobes painted white. It is really well made and is huge and it works really well with the rest of the room.

chest of drawers.

My wardrobe is painted white and is built in which really lightens up the room so my oak and mahogany antique drawers don’t look dark and out of place. These drawers were my first piece of antique furniture and I think we found them online. I’m trying to keep the surface on top uncluttered as in my last bedroom it was very messy and over the top.

I found the pineapple lamp in Next and I love the glass base as it makes it look so light and unbulky despite its size. Glass is a common theme up here as I have a crystal tray (also antique), a glass box from Tiger which was a gift from Emma, a jar filled with Indy Luxe make-up brushes and an antique jam pot filled with earrings. I love incorporating glass into a room as it looks so elegant and doesn’t make things looked crowded.

I do use the Indy Luxe brushes regularly when applying make-up but as they are so beautiful, I love using them as an ornament as well. The wooden box is another antique, this time from my great Auntie’s attic and I love having a vase of flowers up here to bring in some natural feelings to all the glass and wood.

I love books so I have a few of my favourite coffee table books out on display too, as I think they add personality and colour. Currently I have Capture Your Style, The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck and #GirlBoss. I love the splash of baby pink as it just adds something pretty to this corner. The canvas print of the phone boxes is super old and I think from B&Q. Again, I love how it adds some colour but doesn’t overpower everything else.

I really adore Kate La Vie’s blog/YouTube/Instagram/life and I saw in a few of her videos/photos that she has footwear/bags on display. This is something I wanted to do in here as well (although nothing of mine is as beautiful as hers) to let things see the light of day even if I didn’t wear them very often. The tan La Redoute bag I use daily but the straw bag from Primark has been used all of once in 2017 but it looks so bright and colourful and makes a lovely decoration. My yoga mat lies in the corner collecting dust because I barely ever do yoga when I’m in the Scottish Borders (lol).

window + chair.

 This room is a lot smaller than my old room which means things are a little snug between my window and the end of the bed but I still managed to fit in a chair. I love having a chair in my bedroom, either to use as “the chair” for clothes or for sitting in and reading a book. I’m all about hygge at the moment so having a chair by the window for reading books in ticks all the boxes.

I found this wooden chair in my sister’s room when we moved and she already had one so I nabbed it, dressing it up with a green throw and gold pineapple cushion from Dunelm. The tin box is also antique and is filled with all my flat shoes. I love the idea of a story behind it and it is very handy for putting things on. I also have this super cringe bin on the floor here which I got from B&M Bargains yonks ago but I am looking to upgrade it to a copper wire bin if anyone knows where I can find one.

picture wall + trunk. 

The trunk lying on the floor is probably my most prized possession, ever. After my dog obvs. I found it in an antique shop and I love the story behind it. It is mostly filled with uni work, miscellaneous junk and some blogging photo props but I think it makes a great centrepiece and one day I hope to use it as a coffee table when I have a home of my own. I love keeping a vase of flowers on here and carnations are one of my favourites but I can’t stop myself from piling shit on top of it (all cleared off for the benefit of this post obvs).

A gallery wall has always been something I’ve hankered after, I see so many beautiful ones on Instagram/in blog posts/in the house of the people I used to babysit for. Mine is still growing and when I eventually get it finished I’ll do a blog post on it. But for now, from L-R, we have a postcard of Times Square that I picked up in New York, a birthday card that I got from Ali’s sister, a Paperchase postcard with “Life Gives You Lemons”, a large French print I found in an antique shop, “Because Cats” birthday card from my sister, Oxford Street canvas from Primark and the faux Banksy print that I found in an antique shop.


 My bed is from Argos, cost £99 and despite missing one of its nobs on the end as my sister broke it, I love it. I love the vintage feel to it and I’ve entwined some fairylights from B&M Bargains around the headboard for ultimate hygge. I switch between two black and white printed bedsheets from Tesco and Primark but I’m hoping to get a set of plain white ones.

I have a basket filled with blankets under the bed, a basket filled with tech bits next to the bed and my bedside cupboard, which is also from an antique shop. I usually just keep candles, random bits and tissues in here. I keep my diary and journals next to my bed and my bedside lamp is one from my mum’s first flat, painted cream with a red shade. The little bowl is from TK Maxx and I keep my everyday jewellery in here.

Whilst writing this post, I’ve come to realise that I have quite a thing for antique finds. Antiquing is quite a thing in our family with myself, mum and dad all into it so I’ve spent many a weekend traipsing around a shed full of treasures. Most of my antique finds are from: Hedgeley Antiques Centre at Powburn, The Old Dairy at Ford, Old Melrose Tearoom & Antiques at Old Melrose, The Denholm Meet Upstairs in Denholm and Lovely Stuff in Hawick.

Oh and I’m going to do another updated version probs around Christmas when I’ve sassed up the beautiful shelves I got from Urban Outfitters (currently lying in a cupboard) and my marble topped side table arrives because it’ll be more of ~ finished ~ look. Soz not soz.


lamp, Next | make-up brushes, Indy Luxe | throw, Dunelm | cushion, Dunelm