A Look Back At One Of The Best Nights Of 2015

A Look Back At One Of The Best Nights Of 2015

I think this picture is what they call an “action shot” in the photography world. Look at us all nattering away, acting all au-natural for the camera. Bunch of pros. I’m second from the third from the right in the blue dress on the second row. YEP bet you can seen my giant satellite dish face now. I’m also hoisting my dress in this pic. Always been ladylike you see. I think I’m also conversing with Erin whilst hoisting my dress. A real action shot.  Did you know there are only FIVE pictures of me from prom on Facebook? Fucking five. And technically it’s four because I’m one but right at the back and you can barely see me. Obv I was camera shy back in my youth. How times have changed.

This pic is everyone together, just over a year ago (2nd of April) before our S6 prom. It was held at the Cross Keys Hotel in Kelso one Thursday eve in April and I don’t even think it rained. Woah. It was the highlight of the school year and one of the best nights of 2015. In my opinion, actual prom was a bit shit as I hated my dress, the food was gross and we weren’t allowed to drink any alcohol. I accidentally got a bit tipsy off the three glasses of wine I did manage to consume. Lool. Was I a mad one or was I a mad one? The after-party on the other hand was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and the whole experience was something I’m really glad I got to do.

I have so many regrets about prom: the colour of my dress, why I didn’t tan, why I didn’t get my make-up done (maybe I would have looked a little better if so lol) and why I didn’t maybe try harder at slimming down before the big day itself. But I’m glad it happened the way it did. I’ve vowed to myself to NEVER look this bad in a full-length gown again. Next time I ball, I’ll ball good.

This picture makes me happy as it was so nice to be all together. After school ended, we holiday-ed together in Largs but since then, everyone has gone their own way and is doing their own things. Everyone is growing up and becoming adults *crying face emoji*. How gross. I’d love to do a night like this again when things were simpler and to be with the same people and laugh about the same things. It was before we had all decided what we were doing after school, before some of us moved away and before we made memories outside of our home town.

I still have the ticket for prom in my bedroom at home, pinned to the pin board above my bed. I’ve lost my shoes I’m pretty sure as I wore them to someone’s 18th and then they got lost after I took them off. My dress is who-knows-where and I think I’m going to sell it. Hopefully, it’ll be too big for me in the future. If that’s my dream, I probably shouldn’t have the mozzarella toastie I’m dreaming of whilst writing this post. Hm but life is short so maybe I will. I took a black and white striped clutch bag to prom (I KNOW WHAT WAS I THINKING, IT DIDN’T MATCH AT ALL) and I think I took that to uni with me but I’ve gone off clutch bags with straps at the minute as I’m really into my backpacks. So everything from this photograph regarding my fashion sense has changed. I think. Even my hair, it’s a little shorter now.

Prom was a really wonderful thing to do with my friends and it is just one of  the things I’m thankful I got to do in 2015.

One last thing: SO many of the guys I was friends wore kilts and this year the sheer lack of kilts was fucking shocking. Absolutely disgraceful. Class of 2016, wit you playin at.

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