a summer of blogging.

Holy smokes September where did you come from?

I can’t quite believe that summer is actually over. I move back to Glasgow for second year on Thursday and I just feel as if the summer has flown by. I’m writing this post whilst binge-watching NCIS on 5USA so I might regain some sort of a social life hopefully when I move back to the city! I do this ritual almost everyday after work which is a bit sad but work this summer has just been so so so hectic so it’s kind of the only thing I do to totally chill.

But this summer has been awesome. And it’s been a bit different to the other seventeen summers I’ve seen in my years. It’s been a summer of change, growing up, being more confident and feeling good and in a small way, it’s been a summer of blogging.

This has been my longest summer vacation ever which has been pretty sweet. I left Glasgow on about the 25th May and whilst I’m moving back on the 8th, I’m going on holiday for a week to Spain so I won’t really be there properly until the 17th. I’m so ready to sink my teeth back into the city and whilst I’ll probably always be a country girl at heart, I’m craving the city life at the moment.

I’ve been working at Floors Castle all summer which is a pretty cool backdrop to call your workplace. Sometimes I wonder why I chose to spend four years of my life studying history at university but when I’m in places such as Floors Castle, where history just feels alive, it reminds me why I love it. Work has also helped me strike up some pretty firm friendships with some pretty sassy ladies which again is another reminder why work can be such a great thing. Not only is there an obvious financial benefit to working your toosh off but you also get to learn new skills and spend lots of time with some awesome people.

Amsterdam in summer of 2015 was kind of my first “abroad” holiday in years but this summer in the travel sense has been a bit different. Obviously thanks to Ali I got to spend two and half weeks in the Bahamas and a few days in Philadelphia so massive S/O to the Mittens family for hosting me, Rebekah for being a great host in Philly and Ali for being generally quite a cool gal (and a super tour guide).

Philadelphia was a beautiful city which I would love to go back to and see some more of. I definitely could spend a week there at least. I follow Reading Terminal Market on Twitter and my heart breaks a little every time I see some pics of it as I’m reminded of how awesome it all was. The Bahamas was a completely different and surreal experience. I cannot imagine living there full-time, it was like a paradise. In some areas it was so tranquil and Instagram don’t do it justice. Hopefully in my life time I’ll return, maybe when I’m super rich so I can stay in the Atlantis resort? Or maybe like rent a whole island out? Can you do that?

I also went to a festival this year for the first which I’m still not 100% sure on. Whilst I enjoyed a lot of the acts I saw (namely Jess Glynne, Bastille and Courteeners), I’m not quite sure I like music enough to put up with all the other stuff that comes with attending a festival. Firstly camping. I’m not that much of a fan. And the mud? ABSOLUTELY NO WAY.

I went to T in the Park for four days and came home with another bout of cellulitis due to an infected cut so that was fun. I know it could have been a lot worse but still. Pretty gross. I didn’t even get to experiment with my festival wardrobe that much as my tent flooded and lots of my clothes were soaked and it peed it down 94% of the time I was there so I had to wear my raincoat all the time. Will I attend another one? Probably not in the near future anyway.

Fashion wise, there are a few things I’m completely raving about. I invested in some statement sandals from M&S a few weeks ago (now they are in the sale for £13 which is a bit infuriating) and they are divine. I plan on wearing them on the plane to Spain on Saturday as they are quite bulky but very comfy and look great, well in my opinion anyway.

I’ve also snapped up a pair of espadrilles which I got in my local Dorothy Perkin’s closing down sale. They are my current shoe of choice as they are so easy to wear and due to being white, go with everything! My green and black printed trousers from Next last year are also the bomb as they are so comfy, cosy on a warm day and easily worn on a warmer day too with a halterneck or crop top. I’m wearing them at least once a week these days.

But the true star of my summer 2016 wardrobe? A humble buy from George ASDA. I snapped up a little bardot flower print dress a few days before heading to the Bahamas with my mum as she didn’t think I had enough dresses to take. I picked it up just to please her but instead it’s become my favourite dress. It is so comfy, can be worn with or without a belt, is a nice set of colours so goes with a lot and the bardot style really suits me in my opinion. It’s in my suitcase for Spain and it’ll probably be a wardrobe staple for years to come. It’s not available on their website anymore but it’s definitely worth checking out stores in case it’s hiding on a sale rail!

But something that has surprised me the most this summer is my blog. I’ve been blogging pretty solidly three times a week since June. Which is probably some sort of record for me if I’m honest. Throwback to 2015 and I remember being ridiculed for having a blog and for a while I was very embarrassed and had no confidence when it came to blogging. I felt like a mug for having this for a hobby.

But thankfully I didn’t listen and I stuck to my gut and I feel The Monday Project has really grown and evolved. I now have a really good super network of people who give me the occasional pat on the head and a “you go girl” and that is good and a positive thing to have. Life can be chaotic and finding people who can stick through it and support you whenever and whatever is pretty special. So summer s/o to you guys, you are awesome and I love y’all.

I’ve been concentrating on a few topics on my blog namely just lifestyle in general and books but come the new semester, I’m hoping to branch out more into the style and beauty sections. I finally got Emma to take some outfit pictures of me so hopefully we can continue this back in Glasgow! I would love love love to concentrate on the travel part of my blog but I just don’t have the bank balance to support this motion (although I will have Spain and Prague to document) so this won’t be getting any advancement at the current time! I’m also tight on time when uni is on so travel will probably feature more on The Monday Project during the summer months.

When I get settled back in Glasgow I’m hoping to still post three times a week, really work on producing interesting content and hopefully striking out a bit more on Glasgow’s blogging scene but that probably won’t happen, I find it intimidating just tweeting other bloggers! But my blog has really blossomed in the last three months so hopefully it can keep blossoming for at least three more!

I’m ready now to knuckle down for second year and make new autumn memories to blog about, so thank you summer 2016, you have simply been wonderful!