a summer of slow living.

I guess I could say I’m trying to cling onto the summer by still wittering on about on here at the end of September. It is October on Sunday, that is most definitely autumn, Hallowe’en is just around the corner and Christmas is on the horizon, so why am I still obsessed with summer?

I learnt a lot about myself this summer, I accepted things, I cherished things, I agreed to disagree with things. I want to take what I learnt forward into the rest of the year to keep feeling the positive effects. One of the biggest changes was my embracement of slow living. Slow living is a phrase I picked up on Instagram due to the numerous hashtags circulating showcasing beautiful pictures of “slow living”.

inspired by denmark.

I then read some blog posts about slow living, I read some articles, I read books on Denmark. It made me realise slow living was something I could do. I had read all about the positive benefits of slow living and it wasn’t out of my reach. I don’t know how other people define slow living but for me, it is taking the time to do things and appreciate things that are important to you personally and not feeling pressured to do things differently because of how other people do it or how they feel about something.

To me, that is slow living. It is watering my plants, writing up blog posts, taking time to cook, curling up with a book. It is slowing down and taking the time do the things I love. I lived like this over the summer and it was brilliant. I picked out my plants with care, I spent time preparing blog posts, searched for recipes I wanted to cook, read any book I fancied. My mind felt less stressed, less pressured, more content and satisfied.

slow in the city.

Glasgow is a very different pace of life to the Scottish Borders. The Scottish Borders is mostly sleepy countryside, life moves slower. My home there is silent and dormant, the occasional roar of a tractor in a field, a car on the road, a bird tweeting in the trees, but mainly, silence. It is really something special, I adore the countryside, the air feels fresher and worry feels further away.

But Glasgow is louder and more in-your-face. It is harder to find a space for reflection and silence, the constant companion noise of traffic and bright lights, the buzz of people. Glasgow is special in a different way and I want to try and bring in as much of my slow living policies into my space as I can.

They are different places, you can’t compare them. They are both special in different and unique ways but for me, this semester will be about combining them via my favourite means of slow living. I fully recommend searching the hashtag on Instagram if you need a little head space of relaxation, the images are so soothing and my favourite accounts are Queen Beady and Blushing Lately.

Life is busy. Things are always happening. But slow living this summer taught me how to manage things so I could do both. It taught me the importance of taking time and enjoying the things I enjoy. Of sometimes prioritising them above other things, deemed more important, because the end result would be worth it.