It is really lovely to have you here in my little corner of the internet – so welcome!

That is probably the most eyes-rolled-at-phrase floating around the web but by definition, this little spot is all mine.

The Monday Project is a lifestyle blog (read: everything and anything blog) written by me – Kirsty for reference – flitting between the city streets of Glasgow and the country fields of the Scottish Borders. The weather sucks and it is often a good ten degrees colder than down in the south but it is pretty awesome all the same.

I fell in love with blogs in the tail end of 2014, spending my days pouring over the archives of Hannah Gale and A Rosie Outlook, and decided to start my own. I had a couple of runs in 2015 with blogging but just couldn’t settle/stick at it.

It wasn’t until I found my feet in Glasgow that I began I found my feet and The Monday Project commenced in April 2016. I went self-hosted, rebranded a bit and focused on getting to grips with social media by sharing my blog more.

Blogging allowed me to tap into my love for writing which I lost during my teenage years and has taught me so much more: photography (still got a long way to go on this one), future career prospects, connecting with people online and sharing my thoughts with the world.

It also allowed me to have an answer when grannies asked me ‘Do you have a hobby?’ because well actually, now I do and what of it?

The Monday Project offers an insight into the mind of a young woman who drinks too much Diet Coke, watch Netflix for days and cries regularly at the littlest things. I like to call it a ‘lifestyle blog’ as anything and everything goes but I feature and edit book reviews & reading round ups, interiors, beauty & style reviews and opinions, honest personal musings, blogging tips & tricks and travel content with a special focus on Scotland too.

I also edit a weekly blog post on a Sunday called the Little Things. Ten little bits of magic from the last week which can be anything from the Nando’s I had delivered to booking a holiday with my sister. I also add in a little ‘link love’ section which round ups the best articles & blog posts that have graced my Twitter feed.

In addition to The Monday Project, I am a full-time student at the University of Glasgow, in the third year of my honours degree in History & Classical Civilisation. I jump between my flat in Glasgow that I share with two friends and my parents house in rural Scotland but during term time, can be relied upon to be in Glasgow. Other interesting facts about me are my incredible memory and facial recognition skills and my addiction to Diet Coke.

Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for a new post & on Sunday’s for the next instalment of Little Things. If ya miss me (like, you might) I can be found lurking on Instagram & Twitter.

I’d really hope this sounds like your cup of tea and something you’ll enjoy reading as much as enjoy creating.

If you would like to say hello for collaboration purposes or just literally, check out the Contact Me page & send me a line. Or grab me on my socials.


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