An Opportunity To Wear White

An Opportunity To Wear White

I wish I could do more style related pieces on this blog but a) no photographer for the most part b) I am ridiculous at posing and c) I wear the same thing on repeat 98% of the time. It is a small miracle when someone takes a picture of me and I do not hate it so these photographs are something to be treasured in my book.

I’m not that happy with the way I look – that isn’t exactly a small secret. This is something I really want to make a change on this summer as it is something that has been bothering me for a very long time. But it felt really good to dress up for once, to put on some heels and a pretty dress.

White is a tricky colour but after my very brief visit to the United States last week, I figured it could get away with it due to my burn/tan I’ve managed to come home with. I picked up this dress in May from, wait for it, ASDA. Yes ASDA. Supermarkets can be amazing for finding really great on trend pieces: Sainsbury’s always slays and I find Tesco to be harbouring several hidden gems. I love the fit of this dress and the lace adds something a little more special. As I only decided I was attending the party on the morning of the event after arriving at Edinburgh Airport from JFK. My very good friend turned 21 and attending her birthday party was an added bonus after leaving the USA. This dress was the only thing I really had that was suitable to wear and I was pretty pleased with the decision.

Shoes wise, I picked up a new pair from New Look on the day of the party. All of my heels are AWOL due the mess of packing at our house at the moment and I don’t own any which are comfortable. New Look were hosting a huge summer sale in their Edinburgh Gyle store so I managed to pick up these real suede black heeled sandals with a lace up ankle detail for only £13. They were very comfortable and I managed to dance the whole night away in them – with two gin and tonics in hand of course.

My bag (not pictured) is an old favourite from River Island which I picked up in November last year for the annual Christmas ball at my university. It is such a dainty little size and adds a bit of jazz to any outfit. I managed to fit in my card wallet, my phone and some bits of make-up: concealer, lipstick, lip liner and a blending brush.

I felt pretty good all night – I don’t know if that was due to consuming a large amount of gin and tonic or if I’m turning a corner in the whole self-confidence front.

Dress | George at ASDA | similar here from ASOS

Shoes | New Look | similar here from ASOS

Bag | River Island | similar here from ASOS

Lipstick | NYX Morocco

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