april favourites.

I used to do posts like this waaaaay back when I first started my little blog but then I just kind of stopped. I’m not really sure why. I think my life just got quite boring and I didn’t really have stuff worthy of being included. Woe is me.

I don’t know if my life has got more interesting but I keep watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts about other people’s favourites and all I can think about is “if I was to do one, I would include this, this and this” which has just inspired me to do one. Maybe this will become a monthly thing, maybe it won’t, we’ll see how it goes. I have had so much going in the last month and I have SO much coming up in the next couple months so perhaps this post won’t be me discussing the pros and cons of ITV daytime TV.

The reason I love posts like this is simple: I’m super nosy so I love knowing what other people like. My ultimate fave to watch with videos like this is Zoella because her videos are like twenty minutes long and I love the way she talks and all the stuff she likes is stuff I like to it’s relevant. And before I know I’ve spent two hours of my life on Zoella. So that’s a fun fact for you all to know. I’m not even going to link her YouTube because I don’t think there is a person on the internet who doesn’t know who Zoella is and if you don’t, shame on you and check her out.

So here is all I’ve been loving in April …


I used to hate avocado. The taste made me feel sick. Similar to the feeling I get when I put mashed potato in my mouth – I hate mashed potato btw. But I kind of forced myself to eat it because it is a “healthy fat” and it’s good for you appaz. And now I’m freaking obsessed. I like to have it for my breakfast with lots of different things. Current combos include with toast and a fried egg, with toast and a poached egg, and with toast, feta cheese and balsamic glaze. Maybe one day I’ll do a whole post on my love for this little gem, who knows.


These are my new baes. I saw this on Hannah Gale’s instagram and I’d been playing with the idea of a new pair of trainers for while. I live in my New Balance trainers and I have a couple of pairs I barely wear so I felt super guilty whenever I thought about buying a new pair. But I saw these and I just had to have them. I have them in mint green but I’ve heard they also come in violet and they are the cutest, sleekest, comfiest shoes I own. I feel super sassy when I wear them and they bring a pop of colour to every outfit.


As you might know, I’m currently a first year student at the University of Glasgow so this job is just a summer/Easter job. It’s in a cafe on the Floors Castle Estate near Kelso and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. I’ve been a waitress before and I love the chilled, laidback staff and the friendliness of the place. I also now love how I will only work days as I HATED working nights at The Cobbles.

It’s also been really nice having a job as I know I’m earning money which means I allow myself to treat myself a little more (I’ve wrote a whole post about my recent haul of clothes/beauty products – see here) and I’m saving up for my summer holiday as well so having a job makes it all a lot easier!


I got this for my birthday from two of my uni friends and I love it. Fucking love it. I love writing to-do lists and just noting things down so I love having all of this in one compact little set. I’ve been using it a lot more over the Easter holidays as I’ve been saving my receipts in the little folder; writing down my spending and saving goals on the notes page; countless to-do lists have been written on the to-do list section and I’ve been using the post-it notes for revision. It’s such a bright, fun print and using it just makes me feel like I got my shit together. So that’s always fun.


Being home over Easter has really made my appreciate my family. I haven’t seen as much of my Grandma as I would like as I’ve been working and studying so much but I took her out for dinner one Sunday night at a local pub and it was lovely. We both had two courses and it was really nice to see her and just have a good, old chat.

My sister and I spent a few hours in Glasgow one Tuesday which was really fun. We’ve been getting on so much better since I went to university and we’ve planned to go back to Glasgow to stay in my new flat for a couple of days in the summer. And she’s requested a full day to be allocated for shopping. You are hearing no arguments from me.

I’m so thankful for everything my parents do for me and just going out for dinner with them makes my heart all fuzzy and warm. We had a cinema/meal out evening the night before I went back to Glasgow which was lovely and I got to see The Jungle Book so win-win.


A few of my friends from university came to visit for a couple of days and that was really fun. A couple of them are city people so it was fun going around the countryside with them. We went out for dinner, did some touristy-stuff, played a lot of Monopoly and wii and had a few drinks. See here for all the deeds in full. I hope they want to come again so I can do more tourist stuff in the Borders without looking weird.


I love wearing make-up but I’m just really shit at applying it. The foundation I had wasn’t really working with my skin tone anymore and I’ve recently had quite bad break-out of spots which was annoying so I needed one with a good coverage. I saw this on a Zoella vlog and I was browsing in Superdrug for some new brow stuff when I spotted this and decided to give it a try. So far so good.


It was an amazing film. Perhaps the best film I’ve seen this. It’s probably the only new film I’ve seen this year. I’m a huge fan of the story and I love the original Disney film so it was really great to see it brought to life in a different way. The story is kinda different which was fun and it was a bit darker than the cartoon! I’m a lover of Disney films so I adored the way this was done justice and you should really get yourself down to a cinema to watch it! The big screen is what is deserves.

Hit me up with any beauty, food or fashion recommendations that I can sink my teeth into in May!