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Blogging Brainstorm: How to create quality blog content you love.

Sometimes I’ll sit and stare at a blank screen and wonder if I will ever think of something to write about. It seems silly really as you can write about anything on your blog – it’s about your words, your thoughts, your opinions. 

But creating content and creating quality content are two different things. If a blogger continuously strives for quantity over quality with ill-written posts filled with boring photography, I’ll just stop reading. Blogs are continuously shifting in the direction of online magazines (both a good and a bad thing but that is a conversation for another day) and it is important to generate quality content for your site. But it is also important to create content that you love and are passionate about. 

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Balancing blogging & university.

Being a student, either in college or university, gives you a lot of flexibility and can inspire changes in your life that will help you to pursue your blog. Many bloggers study full-time (myself included) alongside working part-time jobs, doing internships and running their blogs. University is a fun and creative environment where you can play around with your independence, figure out who you are, explore different avenues and hobbies in a new city and discover a different way to live your life. 

The university environment is the perfect place to begin nurturing an online platform thanks to how useful it can be for your future career and making your new city, if you’ve moved for your studies, feel like home. 

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Creating blog content whilst travelling.

Visiting a new city, spending time on a beach escape or exploring part of your own country can be fantastic when it comes to creating content for your blog. Travel blogs are extremely popular and perform really well in SEO and on Pinterest thanks to their relatability, functionality and interesting topics. Everyone has a different experience whilst travelling so anything you share will be unique in its own way; no one will have the same experience you had. 

I always turn to travel blogs and my favourite travel bloggers when I’m planning for a trip as I love finding out about a location from someone who has experienced it in a similar way to I will. I like knowing where to eat for the best local dishes, where is cheap for drinks and happy hour, what sights are a must and what aren’t, the streets that I need to walk down, how the public transport works, how much they loved location etc etc. They often have every answer to every question I’ve got floating around my head when I’m planning a trip – and that is what makes travel content a great addition to your blog. 

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11 things I’m watching to get me through the depths of a Scottish winter.

The beginning of the year is the best time to hunker down with a blanket, some good snacks and your TV remote/laptop in easy reach as you rinse your Netflix subscription for all it is worth. For me it is a combination of the cold, no upcoming festivities and the dark, dark nights that push me towards Netflix and away from my responsibilities so thank god there is plenty for me to watch at the moment. 

This year is no different. I am consistently shocked by the temperature plunges in Glasgow so when I can’t be found in the library eating obnoxiously loud snacks on the silent floor, in the pub with my friends warming our hearts over pints or at my internship, I can be found wrapped in my bed wearing pyjamas, a dressing gown, a blanket and with a hot water bottle thrown in there for a good measure with something good playing on my laptop screen. 

Unsure of what to watch this winter? I got you covered, dive on in. 

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Introducing the Monday Letters: a new newsletter concept from The Monday Project.

“Monday Letters is a fortnightly email promoting the power of Mondays and the start of a new week. The time to hit refresh after the weekend, the time to get up early and start your week, to pull that to-do list together and finally make it to the gym class you’ve been muttering about for weeks or have that big long lie in and a cup of tea in bed. Monday is your power day.”

So I am starting a newsletter. Please subscribe, thank you so much. Checking my inbox and seeing I have a new edition of my favourite newsletters brings me such joy. I want to incorporate my love of Mondays into a newsletter where we can share, motivate and inspire each other to get our week’s off to the best possible start. 

First edition coming to your inboxes Monday 18th February.

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