6 Things I’m Crushing On Style Wise

I’m currently going through that phase where I hate everything in my wardrobe. I’m at a bit of a loss of what my ‘style’ is in the sunnier months (despite declaring 2018 my year of living stylishly) and would quite happily mooch about in sweatpants and flip-flops for the rest of eternity.

Today I sat my final university exam for third year so it is officially summer in my eyes now kids. I’m heading off on my holidays on Wednesday to beautiful Amsterdam and Sweden and whilst I won’t have any new clothes in my suitcase as I’m so skint, a girl can dream right?

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Life Catch Up & My Summer Plans

I wanted the title of this post to have a little more pi-zazz but ‘life catch up & my summer plans’ are all I can come up with. This post is coming to you literally hot off the press, as in I’ve just written it up. It is 12.50 on Friday 18th May and I have finally finished my third year of university.

And, deep breath, because it has shattered me. I have never felt more lost and confused and terrified and upset all at the same time as I have in the space of the last few weeks and I am so thankful to be wrapping up my ring binder one final time and saying a sweet goodbye to academia for three months.

Because your girl needs it.

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6 Admin Tasks To Do Before You Travel

There are lots of little bits you need to get in order before travelling or else you will be a bit of a headless chicken. I usually end up forgetting something and end up picking toiletries up in the airport or relying slowly on my card when away as I forgot to exchange currency and grudge withdrawing money.

I really enjoy packing so often devote most of my time to that or I spend pre-holiday prep on more trivial matters like scouring ASOS for any last minute picks or checking Pinterest for cute Instagram spots (I’m lame I know) but in light of travelling to two cities at the end of this month I thought I’d rustle up a little check list of important things to do. Tbh, this is more for me than anyone else but I have made a little PDF print out* in case anyone wants one for themselves.

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Before You Let The Sun In

In amongst the buzz of exams at the moment and trying to balance out other aspects of life such as socialising (hehe), exercise and blog work my reading has fallen a little bit to the side. But Before You Let The Sun In* has slipped into my routine perfectly and let me explain why.

Before You Let The Sun In by Ian Robertson and Katerina Couroucli-Robertson is a fascinating read. It documents ten individuals and their stories in therapy – featuring their problems, their stories and the resolutions that come to be. It is super insightful into the relationship between a therapist and a patient and the book is perfectly written to highlight that relationship.

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How To Stay Sane When Taking University Exams

It is the season for students all over the country to walk around and tell everyone how stressed they are. Or how much revision they’ve done but still no nothing. Or how they can’t wait for their first post-exam pint. Happy May everyone!

This will my third year of taking university exams and it actually a year since I last sat one. I’m nervous, obviously, but after six years of revising and studying and sitting exams I have my pre-exam prep down to a tee. I thought I’d share my tips and tricks for exam season in case anyone is need of a little nudge.

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