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Things I’m Grateful For

Since coming back to Glasgow in September after three and half lovely weeks exploring both Italy and Bath/Bristol, it has been non-stop, which to an extent I love. I love being busy and having plans and working towards my goals but boy, it does get overwhelming.

I knew fourth year would be difficult, of course I did, and now I’ve gotten myself an internship which I’m excited for but of course, it is another plate to spin. Life feels very busy at the moment. Chaotic, even. And overwhelming stressful.

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My Student Studying Essentials

It is getting to the time of year again where a lot of students can’t quite get into the Christmas spirit yet (I’m putting my tree up this weekend, need to hit Poundland for some more decorations first as I currently have none) thanks to the winter exam period. I no longer have exams at this time of year (I get hit by more in the spring) but I still know and need my student studying essentials thanks to the mountain of coursework.

My dissertation is constantly looking over my shoulder and I have been pulling long days in the library (mostly at weekends because I am fun and exciting) and I need a lot of things to ensure I manage to stay the whole day or else I’ll skulk home before you know it.

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Recycling Old Beauty Favourites & Finding New Ones This Festive Season

Wow, bit of a mouthful that title but I am having a bit of a whirlwind with beauty products at the moment. I have always been notoriously bad at applying make-up but that doesn’t stop me trying out new products and attempting new styles all the time.

I have a feeling that this festive period is going to be busy, very busy. I’ve already been balancing university, an internship and my blog alongside actual life through November and things do not look like they are slowing down. I have a few fun things in diary for the next month and a lot of them require me looking like a functioning member of society and not a small ogre who has been dragged through ten bushes backwards.

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Money Diaries {02}

It has been a long while since I wrote my first instalment in my money diaries series but I’m back with the arduous task of reviewing my weekly spending and seeing what the actual fuck I waste my money on.

Since university restarted in the middle of September I have actually been keeping a track of my outgoings on a Numbers spreadsheet on my laptop. It is actually painful to see what I’ve spent money on sometimes but, all in all, it has been useful to see where my money goes. I’m yet to making any massive changes to help me save but little by little I’m hoping to work on this.

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Recently Reading

It has been a long time since I shared a Recently Reading post on The Monday Project and truthfully, I have not been reading as much I would like. University always throws me off when it comes to ‘reading for fun’ and it seems fourth year is no different.

However, I joined the library in the summer which is encouraging me to read more (currently reading Recharge by Julie Montagu) and I did do a bit of reading in Italy however I didn’t get the chance to read as much as I like as books do take up a lot of space in suitcases unfortunately. Especially when you are being cheap and insisting on hand luggage only for a three-week trip.

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