autumn goals.

I set a list of goals probably around six times a year, maybe a little more. I love the idea of having goals: things to work towards, to my efforts into, to make things happen more. But I’m pretty awful at seeing things through so I hate making goals that will eventually end up as a failure’s list.

In the Blog & Beyond Facebook group which I’m part of, Charlotte talks a lot about setting goals and the importance of having them. This is now my fourth year at university and my fourth year of living in Glasgow so I think I’ve got the swing of things by now so I wanted to set some autumnal goals for me to just live by, rather than huge milestones to work towards.

manage my time.

I am obsessed with time management. I always end up leaving university work a little too late and then have a mad panic because I’m too busy concentrating on things I enjoy more such as the blog or random projects. I’m approaching university like a full-time career this year by being more organised through a series of organisational techniques which include my whiteboard, a weekly planner, diaries and many notebooks.

I’m hoping that by managing my time more I can be more productive and get more done in everything I’m trying to do. I want to achieve the work/life balance so that at weekends I can chill out a little more and not feel guilty about having a coffee with friends or having several drinks on a Friday night.

make an effort with autumnal dressing.

2018 was supposed to be my year of living stylishly but it has not been very stylish at all. I had a bit of an ‘I hate everything in my wardrobe’ kind of clear out over the course of 2018 and I’m now facing autumn with very little clothes. I used to have stacks and stacks of clothes but I now have barely any, especially things to wear in winter.

I’ve picked up a couple of new skirts from Primark and have dusted out a few old favourites to make autumnal dressing easier and more fashionable. I need another black roll neck since I had to throw my last one out due to the holes in it and I love this mustard jumper from Femme Luxe as it is such a vibrant colour for autumn, as well as being super cosy.

buy some new plants.

I’ve decided you can sum me up in three words: Pinterest, podcasts & plants. Thankfully all of my plants survived my trip to Italy and I’m now on the hunt for some more. I want to style up my desk which will require some new succulents and I want to get a trailing plant such as string of pearls or ivy.

The Defining Your Niche workshop I went to near the Barras introduced me to a whole new area of Glasgow. Not only did BAaD look like a great place to grab something tasty to eat on a Sunday but there was the cutest plant shop called Tuck in the area too. I definitely want to head back and pick up a new green friend. I’m also always dropping hints to Rach that I want to go back to Ikea whenever it suits her – there is a palm I’ve got my eye on there for £20.

style up my desk.

The black corner desk in my bedroom haunts me just as much as the disgusting brown carpet. I’ve had another room rearrange that I’m obsessed with as my bookshelf/mirror/plant corner/bedside table area of the room is looking almost complete. I’ve switched my desk close to the window as it can be and I love sitting there now as it is so bright and I can see out onto the street.

I want to get some sort of shelving system to put succulents on and bring more depth to the ugly desk and I think Tiger have what I’m looking for if I can find what they have on their Instagram in a Glasgow store. I also want to add one of my framed prints onto the desk when I finally get a frame for it.


I wrote a post at the beginning of the summer about all the DIY projects I wanted to work on. I did one of those jobs. I really want to start working on more as I had so much fun doing the last one and mucking about with interiors is one of my favourite ways to spend my time. I have almost all the equipment for one of them so I think autumn will be the season it gets done.

I’m also super into Pinterest at the moment and have so many boards on the go (although some a secret). I think it is a great resource to find interior inspiration and cheap and easy DIYs that I can give a go when I have the time.


dungarees, ASOS (old) | jumper, c/o Femme Luxe | trainers, Stan Smiths | glasses, Specsavers (in store)

Photos by Claire White.
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