blogging brainstorm: how to create quality blog content you love.

Sometimes I’ll sit and stare at a blank screen and wonder if I will ever think of something to write about. It seems silly really as you can write about anything on your blog – it’s about your words, your thoughts, your opinions. 

But creating content and creating quality content are two different things. If a blogger continuously strives for quantity over quality with ill-written posts filled with boring photography, I’ll just stop reading. Blogs are continuously shifting in the direction of online magazines (both a good and a bad thing but that is a conversation for another day) and it is important to generate quality content for your site. But it is also important to create content that you love and are passionate about. 

Whenever I have a brief to fulfil for freelance writing that I’m not super buzzed about I find it a lot more difficult to create something I love. I do it anyway because money and girl gotta eat but for my blog, something I do mostly for fun, I want to create content that is quality but that I also love. 

Dipping into my head and thinking up content ideas in a brainstorming session often feels like I’m searching into the abyss as there is so much I could write but will I love it? I want to be proud of everything I post, I want to be excited about it and I want to love it. I don’t think that is a bad thing because having a passion for something really shines through, is apparent in the writing and makes it stand out. 

How can we create quality for our blogs?

Quality content for me is a well-written, well-structured and interesting piece. I will be honest and admit I prefer a meatier post with substance rather than 100s of pictures. Style bloggers share their style so outfit posts are a-plenty but I like them with a twist. A discussion tied in, which both Chloe Plumstead and Sophie Milner do so well, or tips on styling up specific elements of the outfit rather than a brief description of what is being worn. 

I treat reading blogs like I treat reading anything – it has to keep me interested and I love it if I come away pondering. If I head off to do further research, then even better! I love blogs that mix in current affairs with their interests and you never know what the next post you’ll read from them will be. For me that is quality content. I keep returning to read because it is interesting, well-composed and stuck with me. 

I’m not suggesting that every. single. post. has to be some massive dissertation worthy article that  will win you awards but I would definitely aim for a few of those to be floating around your blog. 

If you are passionate about something that is going on in the world or in your life, put it into words and see where it takes you. Keep scribbling, keep typing, keep pursuing something if you feel passionate about it and let it materialise in its own way. 

How can we create content we love?

I couldn’t blog if I wasn’t creating content that I cared about. I’m not saying everyone adores my work (that will never happen) but for the most part I don’t get negative feedback and I enjoy both researching and writing the things I publish. 

I spend a lot of time brainstorming. I keep a notebook that I fill with blog post ideas when something comes into my head – even if it is a Christmas content idea that comes to me in June. Everything in truth can become a blog post so if you can’t get something out of your head or if you want to keep discussing something but no one in real life wants to chat about it, jot it down and compose something to spark an online discussion. 

If I’m lost for something to write about I’ll often trace back through what I’ve done recently: have I read any great books recently, what interior bits have I added to my bedroom or what I have been thinking about that just won’t leave me alone. Not all of these ideas eventually become a fully-functioning blog post but having a handy notebook filled with arsenal for a late date is always helpful. 

Blogging for me often consists of who is the person behind the blog so use that your advantage. Continuously refer back to your own interests (because if you find them interesting, chances are someone else will find them interesting too), remember what you like to read about and add as much as your personality into your words and images as humanly possible. 

Just because you start blogging about one topic, doesn’t mean you have to blog about that topic forever. Don’t be afraid to be bold and make a change – stop writing about beauty and switch to budget travel. As long as you keep your personality intact, deliver interesting and well-written copy and still provide your readers with your voice then don’t be afraid to be bold. 

Tips for finding inspiration for quality content. 

Photo by STIL on Unsplash


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