The Papergang: November

The Papergang: November

I love the papergang, it’s definitely an investment of £11.90 a month which I don’t regret.

It’s fun, different, exciting and always so me. I don’t know how Ohh Deer do it but they NAIL my personality every damn time. Kudos to you guys.

Although on a sad note, I was kind of disappointed with this box. Mainly because it wasn’t Christmas themed.

I know that it was the November box so duh that don’t really make sense buuuut it did come on the first of December and will be the only box to arrive before Christmas.

So I just think, it would have been really nice to get a Christmas themed box, you get me?

But apart from that, it was still pretty lush.

C O N T E N T S 

Marble Pen
“2017” Diary
“Happy Birthday” Lion Card
December Calendar Card

This isn’t a very big box which did kind of peeve me compared to other boxes. The marble pen is nice but kind of feels unnecessary but maybe because that isn’t that me, I don’t have a strong attachment to pens.

Wow I am contradicting myself a lot here, this box was good and I do like it, I just don’t like it as much as other boxes which have been top notch.

However, the thing I am most PSYCHED about though is that-oh-so-sexy diary. I love a diary. I don’t understand how people function without them. This isn’t a design I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out for myself but I like it. It’s very cool looking.

And err my god, the next Papering box will arrive in January 2017. Repeat TWENTY SEVENTEEN. Hold on to your hats folks, 2016 is steaming by.