Christmassy Sister Weekend

Christmassy Sister Weekend

Having my sister to stay in Glasgow was nice.

So nice in fact I totally forget to take any pictures on the Friday night because I was just so caught up in my burger and her chats from home. Apologies therefore the lack of picture to support the description I am going to provide of my super sexy dinner from Friday night.

Or should we say FriYAY?

My sister has never been to visit me before in my new flat. I’ve been living here since September and my parents have only been once, so it’s been nice to show her around, see my favourite local haunts and just to enjoy the buzz of the city.

Her train was late into Glasgow Queen Street on the Friday evening because Scotrail are absolutely and completely useless most of the time so we didn’t have a chance to wander around the Christmas market in George Square before our dinner reservation.

So thanks for that one, Scotrail.

She eventually arrived and we headed off to Byron where I decided we would eat. I’ve never been to Byron before (Glasgow’s branch only recently opened) but I have heard oh-so-sexy things about this burger joint.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I had a “Classic” because I’m boring and Louise had a “Classic Chicken” because y’know, we’re similar, and we shared some french fries and tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole.


The service was really quick and friendly and we had a lovely seat by the window which meant we could people watch for days. We both ate rather a lot and once we got back to the flat, watched a lil bit of LOTR before my sister went to bed, bless.

I then watched episode three of The Grand Tour because man, I love that show. I actually laugh out loud at it. I also contemplated watching some The Originals because oh my god New Orleans <3 <3 <3 and the jazz soundtrack and the totally out-of-this-world-let-me-escape-from-reality storylines.

But nah, I’ve decided to save those bad boys for when I’m finished with exams in two weeks time (I wrote this post at the beginning of December so when you read this post, my first exam will be tomorrow and the second one the day after, eeek).

I’m also watching for the new episode of The Vampire Diaries to go live online because I am so into supernatural romance TV dramas at the moment. I’m living like fifteen year old Kirsty did.

But yeah no pictures and all that, soz.

On Saturday we went into the city centre to do some shopping. Louise had a shopping list to bash on with and I was on a mission to try and not spend all my money.

Haha, good one Kirsty.

We hit all the normal guys off our list: Topshop, New Look, Paperchase, Boots, Primark etc. I ended up spending a lil bit more than intended and I’ll be uploading a lil post with all the details in the next week or so. We had lunch in the St Enoch Centre as a quick pit-stop and at around four o’clock, decided to quickly head home to drop off our bags before going to the cinema.

AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN. We went to the cinema. To see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. It was so good. Back into the HP World. I’ll stop talking in short sentences now.

Yeah I cannot recommend this film enough. Eddie Redmayne is adorable as Newt and the storyline is great, the characters are great (bar a couple) and the creatures are insane. Some people are complaining that five films is a bit too much and JK Rowling needs to the chill the eff out and move on BUT I don’t care. I love the wizarding world and I’m quite happy to continue watching whatever is presented.

For dinner that night we had a Dominos which was lots of yumminess before getting a sort-of early night before heading to Edinburgh the next morning.

We caught the 11 o’clock train from Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh Haymarket on Sunday morning to go and visit some family friends. My parents were meeting us there which was oh-so-exiciting for me as I haven’t seen them since the beginning of November.

The train was PACKED it was actually ridiculous. Loads of people were standing when the train left Glasgow and Louise and I did have to sit separately which was a bit annoying. We also had a lot of stuff with is which made it even more difficult.

I also decided to wear heels because I’m an idiot.

We eventually got to Haymarket and were soon on a bus whizzing off towards Craiglockhart. We had a cup of coffee/tea/juice first and all caught up before heading off to The Cottage Bistro in Colington.

I had the most amazing three course meal. Three courses because I’m a bit of a pig at times. Firstly I had a big chunk of fried brie with cranberry sauce, followed by scampi and the most delicious homemade fries followed by my bae, apple crumble and custard.

Soon it was time for me to head back to Glasgow but it made me so excited to head home in a couple of weeks for Christmas. I have a couple of exams to stumble past first, Daft Friday and then a Christmas meal with my uni pals so lots to do before then but man am I excited to go home.

I’m just so done with this semester and I am just PSYCHED for Christmas. I don’t know why. I can’t contain it. Plz come visit again Louise.

Also, I apologise for the lack of pictures. My bad. But life was just too much fun to stop and snap a few, I hope you understand. The only one that made the cut is this yellow french fancy from Greggs that Louise bought me outside of the St Enoch centre. Lolz.

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