Easy Mince Pies

Easy Mince Pies

Mince pies are my favourite.

When I was a child I thought they were the most disgusting thing in the world and could not understand for the life of me why my mum loved so much.

But as I gotten older (and wiser hehe), I’ve realised they are in fact, amazing.

I’ve already mentioned my little tree-decorating evening (Ali, Rachel and me were the only ones that actually did any decorating) and to go along with the oh-so-sassy cocktail I presented (read here if you wanna check it out), I also attempted mince pies.

Yes they are misshapen and yes they look like nothing you would buy in a shop but they are cute and most importantly, they tasted nice.

Here’s my simple mince pies recipe

Simple Mince Pies 

Shortcrust Pastry
(follow this BBC Goodfoods one here or just be mega lazy and buy it in a shop)

Shop Bought Mince Meat
(I am in no position to make my own mince meat soz)

Some icing sugar for dusting

Beaten egg to glaze the pastry with

How simple?

Oven at 180/200.

Basically just wap up your pastry then roll it out flat.

Cut out circular sections and stick them in your bun tray thing.

Then stick in a dollop of mince meat.

And then cut out either a cute shape like I did (heart, star, santa’s face if you wish) or just another circle to use at the lid.

Then glaze with egg.

Stick in the oven for 20 minutes and voila, you go Delia Smith, you.


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