Autumn Goals

I set a list of goals probably around six times a year, maybe a little more. I love the idea of having goals: things to work towards, to my efforts into, to make things happen more. But I’m pretty awful at seeing things through so I hate making goals that will eventually end up as a failure’s list.

In the Blog & Beyond Facebook group which I’m part of, Charlotte talks a lot about setting goals and the importance of having them. This is now my fourth year at university and my fourth year of living in Glasgow so I think I’ve got the swing of things by now so I wanted to set some autumnal goals for me to just live by, rather than huge milestones to work towards.

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How To Create A Perfect Plant Corner

I love plants. I love buying them, arranging them, looking after them and I’m always one the hunt for my next one. Since coming to university three years ago, I’ve slowly been adding to my collection and this summer has seen me take it to new heights.

I have all the plans and all the ideas. Now I’m back from Italy I’m planning on making a herb garden with a long planter and since my success with the hanging planter, I plan on purchasing some hooks and making a tonne more hanging planters.

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Scandi Styling

Whenever I’m bored, I scroll on Pinterest for some inspiration for Scandi styling. Whenever I own my own home or I’m not limited by magnolia walls and brown carpets, you can bet my home will be awash with Scandinavian interiors. I love the minimalistic designs that be easily mixed with all interior styles and since ticking off Stockholm this year already, I’m desperate to hit up Copenhagen and see more of Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian design however can be found on our doorstep. I recently popped into the new BoConcept store in Buchanan Galleries to chat all things interiors with in-store interior designer Jennifer Wilson – and pick up some tips for Scandi styling in a rented space too!

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DIY Projects I Want To Tackle That I *Think* I Can Manage

Err, DIY has never been my strong point. But in my defence, I’ve never really tried. Thanks to living with my dad for my whole life until now he has always been on hand to build my flat-pack furniture and hang up the shelves I kept on buying.

I did actually hang up one picture by myself in my bedroom at my parents house AND it is squint. Well done me. And I’m too lazy to go back and fix it so my beautiful Desenio leaf print hangs at an angle on the wall. Nailed it.

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4 Peaceful Bedroom Tips

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom. I guess I never got out of my moody teenager phase where I sulked in my room for hours on end. Living in flatmates in an apartment with no living room means that my room is my only place to chill out whilst at home I prefer the muted tones of my bedroom to relax as I can be alone.

Having a peaceful bedroom is really important to me due to the amount of time I spend in there. I get stressed out and overwhelmed super easily so having a place to be by myself and feel content is literally what I need. Yorkshire Linen challenged me to think about what a ‘peaceful’ bedroom means to me and share a few tips in case you feel like you’re lacking in the peaceful department.

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