PSA: You Need To Join Your Local Library

I am now the biggest advocate on local libraries. Heck, I talk about them at some point now every day to anyone I’m talking to. Friends, family, people online, people I meet on the street – I’m a woman obsessed when it comes to the library. And I think this is bloody great. Local libraries are such an important and useful resource for so many people and I guess I just want to shout out them a little bit more.

My experience with using libraries first came when I was around 6-7 when my mum would take me and my younger sister to the library in our town. I absolutely adored going. I treasured my library card, always checked out as many books as possible and explored so many different genres as a result of having access to them in the library. I stopped going to my local library in my teenage years as I used the smaller library at the high school and then didn’t borrow books at all in my late teens.

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Content Creators To Read/Follow/Adore

Blogging is dead apparently. But I would like to disagree. Yes, content creation is changing and developing but I don’t think blogging is finished just yet. I am still spending lots of time devouring the posts my favourite writers are sharing on the internet – from travel to lifestyle to interiors to Love Island chat.

This post is inspired by Jemma at Dorkface after she shared her favourite bloggers who are keeping the community alive. I loved seeing this kind of support and enthusiasm for blogging! A few of those mention I am also massive fans of but there were a couple new ones who are now firmly included on my reading roster.

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Money Diaries {01}

Welcome to my money diary! I am trying to be a lot more conscious with my money and not waltz around Primark without a care in the world only to cry about it four hours later. I’ve always been okay with money, especially since I started working when I was 16, but in the last little while I have found myself thinking about ~ the future ~ and the sort of financial position I want to be in – or don’t want to be in.

I thought I’d share this for two reasons: firstly, so I can track my spending and perhaps guilt myself into not spending too much knowing I’m going to be publishing it, and secondly to just share for the sake of sharing and perhaps share some tips and anyone in the same situation can learn something (or teach me something, leave a comment!)  View Post

Summer In The City

It is mad to think we are now a good chunk of the way through July and a good chunk of the way through blinkin’ 2018. Every day seems to speed past me in the blink of an eye at the moment and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Glasgow has been blessed with the same heatwave the rest of the UK is experiencing and whilst my chub rub might be trying to slow me down, it isn’t succeeding.

I decided to stay in Glasgow over the summer as I just knew returning to the Scottish Borders would make me a bit unhappy. It just isn’t what I want and whilst I have the flat here and my friends it just seems ridiculous to do that. I obviously miss my parents at tonne but thanks to my life situation at the moment I’m able to pop back every couple of weeks for a few days and they’ve been up to Glasgow a little bit as well.

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6 Podcasts I Can’t Stop Listening To

Podcasts appear to be taking the digital world by a storm right now. I saw a tweet somewhere that ‘let’s start a podcast together’ is this generation’s equivalent to the 00s ‘let’s start a band’ and OMG it’s true. I may have uttered these words to my flatmate but since neither of us have done anything about it since, I don’t think it’ll be happening anytime soon.

But I’m not complaining about the influx of podcasts because I love them. Listening to a soundtrack of episodes from my favourite shows is what is getting me through long days in front of my laptop screen or when I’m rushing through household chores. There is something for everyone in the podcast world as there so. many. podcasts. out there and I’m here to share some of my faves with you.

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