Life Catch Up & My Summer Plans

I wanted the title of this post to have a little more pi-zazz but ‘life catch up & my summer plans’ are all I can come up with. This post is coming to you literally hot off the press, as in I’ve just written it up. It is 12.50 on Friday 18th May and I have finally finished my third year of university.

And, deep breath, because it has shattered me. I have never felt more lost and confused and terrified and upset all at the same time as I have in the space of the last few weeks and I am so thankful to be wrapping up my ring binder one final time and saying a sweet goodbye to academia for three months.

Because your girl needs it.

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How To Stay Sane When Taking University Exams

It is the season for students all over the country to walk around and tell everyone how stressed they are. Or how much revision they’ve done but still no nothing. Or how they can’t wait for their first post-exam pint. Happy May everyone!

This will my third year of taking university exams and it actually a year since I last sat one. I’m nervous, obviously, but after six years of revising and studying and sitting exams I have my pre-exam prep down to a tee. I thought I’d share my tips and tricks for exam season in case anyone is need of a little nudge.

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May Goals

It has been a little while since I wrote about monthly goals in such a candid manner on The Monday Project but as May is seeing the end of another year of my studies it feels like the right time to iron things out for summer and tie up loose ends.

I am travelling to Amsterdam and Stockholm at the end of the month which is incredibly exciting and I have three exams to sit between now and then. My friend is also getting married and I want to keep up with all things The Monday Project.

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Tips & Tricks For Managing A Busy Month

April has been one of my busiest months to date! It has been a combination of holiday in the sunshine, celebrations, revision and just trying to stay on top of my shit. University classes subsided at the end of March giving way to the Easter weekend and then I subsequently jetted off to Ibiza for a week with my sister.

As lovely as my week in the sun was I didn’t take my laptop so I got next to no blogging or university revision done. When I landed and headed back in Glasgow I fully expected to be chasing my tail to make up for lost time – especially as I was losing my weekends to a trip home and a hen party in Newcastle.

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Everything I’ve Been Watching Recently

It is safe to say I watch a lot of Netflix. I like to work with background noise so I often have Netflix purring away when I’m tapping on my keyboard or washing dishes. It is pretty much the soundtrack to my life. I’m aware that sharing this list of ‘recent’ conquests will highlight how much of a loser I am to you all but the things I’ll do for blog content I guess.

It is inspired by Charlotte’s post about everything she’s been reading recently as even for me there is a little more than usual on here. With Ibiza, the Easter holidays and increased general laziness this month I’ve managed to watch plenty of Netflix. You will find a whole host of things on here as my TV tastes are a bit scattered from dark and grisly murders to silly sitcoms to period dramas.

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