10 Little Things #28

Happy Monday! Yes, Little Things is late this week. I was quite unorganised with writing it so had a good chunk to finish over the weekend and then I was honestly in the throngs of the worst hangover I’ve ever experienced on Sunday so was 110% not up to finishing.

But it is Monday so I am feeling good. The snow is melting (hurrah!), I’m going home this weekend, I’ve got all my blog content planned and scheduled, I’ve signed up for another online course to sink my teeth into and I’m going trampolining today.

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10 Little Things #26

Whilst editing this post it did occur to me how much TV is involved in this post. Somebody has clearly had a wild week. University does equal Netflix in my book and the addition of a TV to my room has only made this even stronger.

I have been doing other things too ~ I went to a flat party, had a night out with friends, celebrated Tori’s birthday and actual university work. All of my classes seem super interesting this semester which is always a relief and the coursework load is definitely lighter as I’ve got exams at the end of the semester.

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10 Little Things #25

Feeling a little fragile this morning as it was Tori’s birthday last night and I’ve spent this morning browsing my new favourite blog (more on that further down in the post). I’m feeling thankful for being clever and blitzing my room yesterday, changing my bed so I had fresh bed sheets and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It has been a busy old week as I wanted to see everyone before going back to university. So despite trying to be frugal this month I went out for food four days in a row. And it was amazing. I’m still thinking about the calamari I had on Thursday night.

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10 Little Things #24

The last Little Things of 2017! Since my ‘summer epiphany’, I’ve really enjoyed editing a little list of Little Things every week. It has made me look back at every week, including appalling ones where I cried about 4 out of the 7 days, with a little smile and appreciate all the things that happened or I’ve found or smiled at. This kind of positivity is just the ticket for 2018.

I’m currently typing this up in bed with my little dog snuggled beside me. I’m taking a break from Call The Midwife to listen to my ‘magic’ playlist on Spotify which is a collection of my all-time favourite songs and waiting patiently for my Missguided order to arrive. What a Thursday. So here we have it, the last Little Things of 2017!

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10 Little Things #23

A week today guys! A week today we’ll be getting excited, eating too many mince pies, slobbing out in front of the Christmas Eve TV offerings or dashing to the shops to pick up last minute gifts. I can’t believe how quickly December has gone this year and 2017 as whole, 2018 is literally a blink away!

So you can look forward to plenty of ‘2017 in reflection’ posts (from me included!). It has been a busy old week with work, an Edinburgh shopping trip, catching up with a friend and watching lots and lots and lots of Call The Midwife which is my must-watch of the moment.

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