A Summer Of Slow Living

I guess I could say I’m trying to cling onto the summer by still wittering on about on here at the end of September. It is October on Sunday, that is most definitely autumn, Hallowe’en is just around the corner and Christmas is on the horizon, so why am I still obsessed with summer?

I learnt a lot about myself this summer, I accepted things, I cherished things, I agreed to disagree with things. I want to take what I learnt forward into the rest of the year to keep feeling the positive effects. One of the biggest changes was my embracement of slow living. Slow living is a phrase I picked up on Instagram due to the numerous hashtags circulating showcasing beautiful pictures of “slow living”.

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University Year Two

I thought I would be more sad about university being over for a second year but in all honesty, I’m bloody relieved. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, my chest, everywhere and I can just breathe again. I can do things like read a book or blog or go to the shops without guilty that I should be revising. I can think about other things and have a few months to myself.

Moving out the flat is going to be sad, I’ll be really miss this flat. My window, my bed, my wardrobes. I’ll miss sitting on the windowsill and just watching the world go by with a cup of coffee or a can of diet coke. I’ll miss this area, I’ll miss Brunch coffees, avocado on toast from Meadow Road and browsing the Day Today for cheap wine and chocolate bars.

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