I’m back people, with my 2019 resolutions as well.

It has been a hot minute since I last posted on The Monday Project. Beginning of December to be exact, a time where I had three weeks-worth of content planned out and all the intentions of churning out Christmas content and flying into January on a high. Spoiler: that did not happen.

I am excited about 2019. I get excited about every new year but 2019 feels like it will be a big one with (hopefully) graduating from university, writing my dissertation, travelling where and when I can and seeing as much of Glasgow as possible. I have resolutions as well of course.

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Podcasts For Inspiration

I love listening to podcasts when I’m working: whether that be university work, freelance jobs or creating content for my blog. I’ve only really been into podcasts since April this year when my friend introduced me to Casefile and the world of true crime podcasts and I’ve never looked back.

Listening to podcasts inspires me. It helps with my creativity, my problem solving, my writing and my visions. I love hearing stories of successful women doing incredible things with businesses they have started from their kitchen table or bed as a side hustle and it has grown into something cool.

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Four Ways To Style A Dark Roll Neck

My love affair with the dark coloured roll neck started around three years ago. I’m pretty confident you can wear them with practically everything – and I will try my best to. They are the perfect wardrobe staple for the colder months as you can easily throw them underneath to keep you cosy without distracting from the rest of your outfit.

As an ode to my favourite winter wardrobe staple, I thought I’d pull together four outfits that I’d wear, all held together by the roll neck, either black or dark grey. They can put a casual spin on sequin dresses that no longer need to be reserved for party season or dressed up with heels and blazer for drinks on a night out.

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Autumn Goals

I set a list of goals probably around six times a year, maybe a little more. I love the idea of having goals: things to work towards, to my efforts into, to make things happen more. But I’m pretty awful at seeing things through so I hate making goals that will eventually end up as a failure’s list.

In the Blog & Beyond Facebook group which I’m part of, Charlotte talks a lot about setting goals and the importance of having them. This is now my fourth year at university and my fourth year of living in Glasgow so I think I’ve got the swing of things by now so I wanted to set some autumnal goals for me to just live by, rather than huge milestones to work towards.

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Chatting Summer Body Confidence (Or Complete Lack Of)

Whilst my three weeks in Italy have been incredible, it has been the worst I’ve ever felt about my body. Probably ever. The whole of 2018 has been pretty shoddy in that department. I’ve never felt more massive, uncomfortable and unhappy with how I look.

And it was awful. I was in a beautiful place with so many things to see, gorgeous sunny weather and it was the most exciting thing I’ve done to date. Italy was beautiful but the thought of what to wear every morning had me filled with little bits of dread.

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