Shopping Small & Local This Christmas

I made it my mission this year to try and do all my Christmas shopping small and local. I wanted to shop from Etsy, in the cute boutique stores nearby, a market, you get the picture. It is something I’ve always felt passionate about but it was a case of me talking the talk without walking the walk and accidentally falling into New Look or Primark whilst Christmas shopping.

I’m not boycotting the high street all together and will still pick up a few bits where I see fit but I am mostly focussing on exploring new stores run by small business owners to buy gifts for my loved ones. It is such a simple concept but it can be more difficult to know where to begin especially if you are short on time to do your research and find exactly what you want.

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Before Noon Tea At Mimi’s Bakehouse | Edinburgh Eats

Confession: I’ve never been for afternoon tea before. And technically, I still haven’t. It is always something I’ve wanted to do: a whole stand of mini sandwiches, cakes and scones all washed down with tea or something fizzy, that just screams me all over. I tweeted into the abyss that I fancied afternoon tea and my good pal Hayley suggested we do before noon tea at Mimi’s Bakehouse in Edinburgh when I visited her in the next couple of weeks.

We scheduled in an 11am reservation for before noon tea on Sunday morning to round off my mini visit to Edinburgh. I have had my eye on Mimi’s Bakehouse since I was in Leith last year and seeing as it is so famous, I am so pleased I finally got to visit.

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3 Scottish Craft Drinks To Add To Your Bar Cart

I love craft alcohol and it is something I’ve felt passionate about for such a long time, I just don’t know where to start with Scottish craft drinks. Ever since I worked in a restaurant in Kelso in my teens where the owners also owned a craft beer company I’ve been interested in this industry.

I love the creativity and passion that clearly drives those who start up their own craft distilleries and breweries. Craft gins and rums are not something I’m very familiar with and I really want to move my alcohol tastes past Tesco’s Zesty White Wine. Scotland has such a booming industry of craft alcohol and I want to get involved.

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Summer In The City

It is mad to think we are now a good chunk of the way through July and a good chunk of the way through blinkin’ 2018. Every day seems to speed past me in the blink of an eye at the moment and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Glasgow has been blessed with the same heatwave the rest of the UK is experiencing and whilst my chub rub might be trying to slow me down, it isn’t succeeding.

I decided to stay in Glasgow over the summer as I just knew returning to the Scottish Borders would make me a bit unhappy. It just isn’t what I want and whilst I have the flat here and my friends it just seems ridiculous to do that. I obviously miss my parents at tonne but thanks to my life situation at the moment I’m able to pop back every couple of weeks for a few days and they’ve been up to Glasgow a little bit as well.

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Travel Notes | Glasgow Staycation

I don’t think there is a single person in this whole entire world who would turn down a night in hotel. Unless said hotel was grim and grotty and you might catch tetanus from it. I find a hotel stay an incredibly exciting event and I’m pleased to announce that that 2018 marks the year of my most overnight accommodation visits ever! Wild.

My mum and I booked tickets to see the amazing Sarah Millican, with her witty and straight-talking attitude, almost a year ago and I feel like I’ve been waiting on it for ages. We never get to do things that are exciting just two of us (no mum, trips to Sainsbury’s for breakfast and a food shop on a Sunday DO NOT COUNT) and I couldn’t wait to show my mum around Glasgow now I’ve been here almost three years.

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