Travel Notes | Ibiza Off-Season

I’ve just returned from a week of sunning myself in Ibiza with my little sister and surprise, surprise, we didn’t kill one another. There was a lot of bickering but no major blow ups and I had a really lovely time on the island.

Ibiza has never been my first choice of holiday destination but when I was looking for somewhere cheap to take my sister a few months ago I couldn’t ignore the £20-ish flights to this Balearic island. A decent enough looking hotel was then found on for a very reasonable price (breakfast included!) and it was settled – to Ibiza we were going and off-season too. The flight time is only 3 hours from Edinburgh airport so it doesn’t feel too far away when trying to find some sunshine.

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How Barcelona Won My Heart

Barcelona won my heart, in a single day. It’s nestled cosily up there in my top five cities in the world (also included in this list is Amsterdam, Paris, York and Philadelphia) and I didn’t even spend 12 hours there.

This city is everything I expected it to be and more. It was bright, colourful, charming, quaint, chilled and laidback. The sun shone the whole day we there (not too hot which was lush because I would have been chaffing like nobodies business) and the whole city is alight with sounds, sights and smells.

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Travel Notes | Salou & Barcelona

I’ve never been on holiday in September before. Usually I’ll be working my toosh off in school and getting settled back into the routine but because this year ‘school’ didn’t start until September 19th, four of my friends and I headed off to Spain.

I’ve also never been to mainland Spain before (I went to Mallorca in 2014) and I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. I knew I would enjoy the company, the sunshine and the break from real life but I just really enjoyed the Spanish lifestyle.

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