The Little Things I read, watched and listened to [01]

A little while ago, The Little Things was one of the most consistent element of The Monday Project and I posted a new instalment every week. The concept was simple: a list of ten little things from the previous week that had made a difference or made me smile. It was easy, fun and receptive. It was blogging in its basics. 

But as I hit a large bump in the road with blogging and had no fucking clue what I was doing with my content, The Little Things slipped through the cracks and disappeared. First I attempted to transform it into a newsletter but it just didn’t work how I had envisioned it and then the instalments became more sporadic before finally disappearing from the blog. 

And now look! It’s back. In a new and re-vamped format. Enjoy. 

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The Little Things {04}

It has been a good little while since I shared an addition of the little things on the blog but now that Italy is over, university has restarted and life is tootling along, I kept thinking about how many things I wanted to share and chat about but I didn’t know how to fit them into the content I’ve got coming up. The solution? Another instalment of The Little Things.

I’m currently sitting in a Tinderbox with three of my favourite Glasgow blogging ladies: Elanor, Lis and Charlotte. We have had an afternoon of blogging and chatting and cake (obviously) and after a week of not posting on the blog before this, I needed it.

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The Little Things {03}

I’m back with another Little Things! When I first re-started this series a few weeks back I had the intention of doing it every single Sunday as a happy little conclusion to the previous week. I love starting things on a Monday, so reflecting with closure on a Sunday really sits well with me.

However one of the reasons I re-started The Little Things was because I didn’t like the structure and just wanted to enjoy writing them. This list of little things here has been pulled from a word document I keep on my laptop and continuously add to – creating a more varied collection.

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The Little Things {02}

I am so happy that I brought this happy little blog series back. It is something I look forward to writing about as it really makes me smile when I think about all the fabulous things from the last week. I really wanted to remove the pressure from it and just use it as a personal post and more of a diary/journal kind of thing for me. So naturally I didn’t write one up last Sunday as I was hungover but I’m back this week with the little things!

This past week has been so incredibly productive I can’t even begin to explain it. I have been doing so much blog admin behind the scenes and I can really start to see where I want my blog to go and the projects I want to work on. This is super reassuring for me and with everything else going on I’m just so happy that I have this platform to share and chat to.

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The Little Things {01}

You know when life just keeps throwing you lemons and you are just a tiny bit done with it all? Because same. As I’m feeling incredibly stressed and a bit down in the dumps right now, I wanted to resurrect an old The Monday Project series and appreciate the little things that have been going on and making things bearable.

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know I used to share ten little things every Sunday but then I got a bit ahead of myself and decided to start A NEWSLETTER but you guessed, I got bored and that stopped. The Little Things therefore died a death on here but thanks to current life situations and a reread of some of my fave blogs I’ve decided to jump back in.

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