10 Little Things #21

I have had the busiest week and the busiest weekend and next week is looking just as busy and oh my god I need a lie in. It is not a want, it’s a need. The semester is also finally over which is the best thing to happen to me in the last 11 weeks, not a joke. I can’t wait to head home on Monday night and spend some much needed time with my little doggo, family and friends.

I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be one of the best ones ever. We’ll be in the new house and I’m going to put up a tree in my room because I’m extra and I’m going spoil my little doggo with toys and treats. I’m hoping the weather stays cold because there is nothing better than going for a walk when it is frozen outside.

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10 Little Things #20

I missed a Little Things last week as I hadn’t finished it by the time the weekend came and I knew I would have things I wanted to include from then in it. I then spent all weekend away without my laptop and didn’t get back to Glasgow till Monday morning so this Little Things is a combination of both weeks. And what a busy two weeks it has been.

I’m typing this up on a cold Saturday morning (lunchtime, right okay, it is lunchtime I’ve slept in) and I’m about to pull on some clothes to potter off to the shop to get some things to tide me over into next week. I’ve just done a budget for the next week and wow I’m going hard next weekend at Edinburgh and Christmas. I’ll be in Edinburgh Friday (for work), Saturday (for festivities with Emma) and Sunday (for a family Christmas lunch) so I’ve never been more thankful for my 16-25 railcard.

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10 Little Things #19

I can’t really believe how quickly time is flying at the moment. I’m typing this little things intro up in the library just after ten on Sunday morning and how is there only 3 more Sundays until term (for me) is finished completely? Coursework is snowing me under but it has been quite an exciting week with a trip to the cinema, two trips to Edinburgh and an ASOS order.

This next week is also looking busy with dinner with my cousin and another trip to Edinburgh on Friday before going home on the Friday night and having a night away with my friend on the Saturday night. I’m also trying to make a dent in the three essays I have due for the end of the term. I think I’ll need a lie down after this semester of uni to be honest.

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10 Little Things #18

Firstly, I apologise that this Little Things instalment only has 8 things. But I don’t see the point in forcing 10 out if I’m just pulling things out of nowhere for the sake of numbers and words. It has been a busy old week with friends visiting, a trip to Edinburgh, nights out and lots and lots of university work.

I can’t believe how far we are through the semester. I can’t believe it is November. I can’t believe I’m at the stage of submitting coursework. Ffs where is time going?

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10 Little Things #17

I’m currently polishing up this post on the train back to Glasgow from the Borders. I’ve had the loveliest time as always, done absolutely zero uni work so I’m in for a very fun next few days and just received the most adorable text from my mum.

I’ve come away with half a tub of sour cream and some eggs from our chickens so I’m hoping that precious cargo makes it back to my flat unharmed. It really has been the loveliest of weekends and I’m in for a super busy week to with more deadlines, meeting friends and a bit of work experience on Friday before welcoming two of my favourite gals to Glasgow for the weekend so we can be sick in the toilet together and eat cheesy chips.

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