Creating blog content whilst travelling.

Visiting a new city, spending time on a beach escape or exploring part of your own country can be fantastic when it comes to creating content for your blog. Travel blogs are extremely popular and perform really well in SEO and on Pinterest thanks to their relatability, functionality and interesting topics. Everyone has a different experience whilst travelling so anything you share will be unique in its own way; no one will have the same experience you had. 

I always turn to travel blogs and my favourite travel bloggers when I’m planning for a trip as I love finding out about a location from someone who has experienced it in a similar way to I will. I like knowing where to eat for the best local dishes, where is cheap for drinks and happy hour, what sights are a must and what aren’t, the streets that I need to walk down, how the public transport works, how much they loved location etc etc. They often have every answer to every question I’ve got floating around my head when I’m planning a trip – and that is what makes travel content a great addition to your blog. 

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Travelling Solo

Travelling solo is something I have always wanted to do. Ever since I realised that yes, it is totally fine to go somewhere new on your own, I knew that it was something I wanted to do. After the disaster of travelling last summer, I was so ready to grab Italy with both hands and have an incredible three weeks exploring somewhere new.

However, I was terrified about going by myself. I had flown by myself before and I am totally comfortable on my own at home but travelling by myself did unsettle me. I was worried about everything from getting public transport by myself to having dinner by myself. The silence of being on your own can deafening and it can be hard to imagine yourself in this kind of situation until you are living in it.

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Where I Want To Go Next

I’ve begun typing this up on my phone notes as I loiter by the side of my hotel pool, patiently waiting for two o’clock to tick past so I can gather up my belongings and head to the hostel I’m booked into for the next week. On my own.

2018 marked a first for me. I travelled solo. For the first time. Previously I’ve only flown by myself (and how can we forget that ill fated trip to the states last year) but spending three and half weeks in Italy was totally new to me. It is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done and after the disaster that was last summer, it was the confidence boost I needed so bloody badly.

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How I’m Documenting My Summer

I love taking note of memories. I’m always been the one snapping a photo or the one who journaled. I like remembering things, saving things and having memories to look back on. Scrapbooking has become one of my favourite ways to store past adventures and with summer 2018 being one of my favourite summers to date, it felt only fair to document it.

I’ve partnered with Printiki to print my travel memories from 2018 and make a scrapbook. This is my 2018 travel scrapbook and every time I flick through it I do a little happy dance in my head. I’m so incredibly lucky to have travelled to these lovely places this year and the fun isn’t stopping yet either as a week today I’ll be on my way to Italy!

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Planning My Italian Adventure

In a few short weeks’ I’m heading off to Italy for three weeks of sunshine, pizza, gelato and trotting around the ancient sights. Italy is a country I’ve never visited before and it has been on many of my travel bucket lists so naturally I’m beyond excited to finally see it all for myself and not from behind the screen on Instagram.

The reason behind my visit is an academic one: as part of my degree programme at Glasgow I’ve opted to take part in the core travel course which involves a three-week jaunt to Greece/Italy/both and explore a project. In the heat of the moment I fell down a hole of Roman bathing and I’m excited to explore this ancient concept in Rome and the Campania area as well as visiting and learning about the other historical sights.

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