Creating blog content whilst travelling.

Visiting a new city, spending time on a beach escape or exploring part of your own country can be fantastic when it comes to creating content for your blog. Travel blogs are extremely popular and perform really well in SEO and on Pinterest thanks to their relatability, functionality and interesting topics. Everyone has a different experience whilst travelling so anything you share will be unique in its own way; no one will have the same experience you had. 

I always turn to travel blogs and my favourite travel bloggers when I’m planning for a trip as I love finding out about a location from someone who has experienced it in a similar way to I will. I like knowing where to eat for the best local dishes, where is cheap for drinks and happy hour, what sights are a must and what aren’t, the streets that I need to walk down, how the public transport works, how much they loved location etc etc. They often have every answer to every question I’ve got floating around my head when I’m planning a trip – and that is what makes travel content a great addition to your blog. 

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Before Noon Tea At Mimi’s Bakehouse | Edinburgh Eats

Confession: I’ve never been for afternoon tea before. And technically, I still haven’t. It is always something I’ve wanted to do: a whole stand of mini sandwiches, cakes and scones all washed down with tea or something fizzy, that just screams me all over. I tweeted into the abyss that I fancied afternoon tea and my good pal Hayley suggested we do before noon tea at Mimi’s Bakehouse in Edinburgh when I visited her in the next couple of weeks.

We scheduled in an 11am reservation for before noon tea on Sunday morning to round off my mini visit to Edinburgh. I have had my eye on Mimi’s Bakehouse since I was in Leith last year and seeing as it is so famous, I am so pleased I finally got to visit.

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Travelling Solo

Travelling solo is something I have always wanted to do. Ever since I realised that yes, it is totally fine to go somewhere new on your own, I knew that it was something I wanted to do. After the disaster of travelling last summer, I was so ready to grab Italy with both hands and have an incredible three weeks exploring somewhere new.

However, I was terrified about going by myself. I had flown by myself before and I am totally comfortable on my own at home but travelling by myself did unsettle me. I was worried about everything from getting public transport by myself to having dinner by myself. The silence of being on your own can deafening and it can be hard to imagine yourself in this kind of situation until you are living in it.

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Where I Want To Go Next

I’ve begun typing this up on my phone notes as I loiter by the side of my hotel pool, patiently waiting for two o’clock to tick past so I can gather up my belongings and head to the hostel I’m booked into for the next week. On my own.

2018 marked a first for me. I travelled solo. For the first time. Previously I’ve only flown by myself (and how can we forget that ill fated trip to the states last year) but spending three and half weeks in Italy was totally new to me. It is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done and after the disaster that was last summer, it was the confidence boost I needed so bloody badly.

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How To Do A Naples Day Trip From Sorrento

Okay, before we begin, and I tell you how to visit Naples as a day trip from Sorrento, I don’t really like Naples. In fact, I kind of hated it. But I still want to share my tips for having a day out there from the beautiful seaside resort of Sorrento or as a potential day itinerary if you are spending a bit longer in the city. I’ve found it is a subjective city where you either love it or hate it, and I fell into the latter.

Despite disliking it, I did manage to have a full day out there and I didn’t actually cry once. I based (okay, followed word for word) Sam Sparrow’s AMAZING advice on Naples and what to do there after reading her fantastic blog post about Naples approx 1838464 times before I visited. Naples is an intense city that felt incredibly different to Rome, which I expected, but it is definitely a lot more gritty, raw and a tiny bit unsafe. View Post